Wet Felted Boots, Booties and Slippers

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    I discovered this technique while looking for material in answer to a post in a different thread...but the idea of wet felted footwear seemed interesting in its own right as a useful self sufficiency technique worth knowing about. How far do you push something till you retire it ? | Page 2 | Survival Monkey Forums


    How to Make Duct Tape Shoe Lasts for Wet Felted Boots or Slippers

    i felt like it: New Leather & Felt Boots

    Valenki for Sale. Photo Credit: iStockphoto/AlexKhrom

    [​IMG] Well illustrated and explained.
    Downsizer: for a sustainable & ethical future - Making felt boots

    Cosy slippers from your old woolly jumper
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    Gotta have a decent sole on them, but I have worn these.
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    I've used them as liners for rubber boots...
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    Wondering if dryer lint would work??
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  5. chelloveck

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    Belly lint also comes to mind, but collecting it may take forever.....:LOL:
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