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    I'm currently trained as a Combat Lifesaver for the military but I would like to get Wilderness First Responder. I'm having a really hard time finding one that is even remotely close to me. If anyone know of one within 4 hours of Mtn. Home, AR that would be great. Or point me in the right direction in finding a class.
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    Not knowing what is going on in your life, I listed the following links:

    No one seems to like teaching in your area, and as such you may have to drive a bit. (For the record, I believe the class is worth it. When I took mine I drove down from Chicago to NC and back.)

    Couple of thoughts:

    You may want to check out the community college in your area, sometimes they offer these courses for a semester's worth of credit. Also, local outdoor stores will sometimes host a version of these classes. Call around and see.

    Your combat lifesaver, can you post what you learned? I don't know what your skill sets are, but you may be able to skip the course if you have already learned it thru the military.

    Finally, what about a local SAR team or fire department? They may teach the course for free, and you would get the benefit of some real time experience, something that training never can quite duplicate. Might save you a drive also......

    Welcome to the board, hope you find what you are looking for.
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    I'm about to go to work right now so I will post all the stuff I learned in Combat Lifesaver in the morning when I get home. Thanks for the links, will have to check them out later too.
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    Alright here is a list of everything we went over during my Combat Lifesaver Course:
    1. Evaluating a Casualty
    2. Opening and Managing a Casualty's Airway
    3. Treating Penetrating Chest Trauma and Decompressing a Tension Pneumothorax
    4. Controlling Bleeding
    5. Initiating A saline lock and intravenous infusion
    6. Inititating a Field Medical Card
    7. Requesting Medevac
    8. Evacuating a Casualty using a SKED or improvised litter

    This is a list of the contents of our bag we carry:
    1. M-3 Aid Bag
    2. Combat Application tourniquet
    3. Cravats (3)
    4. Kerlix (2)
    5. Trauma Dressings (2)
    6. Hemostatic Bandage
    7. 14 gauge Needle/catheter 3"
    8. 3" Nylon Tape
    9. Hextend 500ml (2) *Wish I could get this for my personal kit*
    10. 18 gauge needle/catheter (2)
    11. Saline Lock adapter plug
    12. Constricting Band
    13. Tegoderm Dressing 3x4"
    14. Alcohol Pads (2)
    15. Povodine Pads 2
    16. Syringe 5ml
    17. Needle 21 gauge
    18. IV infusion set
    19. Nasopharyngeal Airway
    20. Sam Splint
    21. Ace Wraps 6"
    22. Abdominal Dressing
    23. Scissors
    24. Oral Hydration Solution (2)
    25. Gloves (2)
    26. Field Medical Card

    Weight: 6lbs
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    From your reply, it seems that you are allowed to do more concerning trauma (Decompressing a Tension Pneumothorax, Initiating A saline lock and intravenous infusion) than a WFR can, unless they changed the criteria. Even an EMT-B can not do what is listed above.

    Where you seem to be short is in the aches and pains of every day life. It appears from your list that you have nothing to deal with abd pain caused by impaction for instance. Much less the training to deal with this situation.

    You seem to have recognized this and are taking steps to change it. Good first step...... Any luck on finding this course near you?

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    The local college only has EMT. The college a couple hours away by moms house offers Wilderness First Aid, not WFR. So far thats all I've found. But I have a couple other schools to check out.
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    With what you already know, Wilderness First Aid may be enough.

    I would at least consider it as a hold over until you could get your WFR.

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