WH to monitor extremist propaganda

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Prison Planet.com » Government to Monitor Social Networks For “Extremist Propaganda”

    The continual pejorative comments about people who disagree with their policies labeled "extremist" or "terrorists" is getting quite old. Imagine if Bush had labeled libtards with "F" the President stickers as extremist...or the entire Congress--they disagreed with the current administration's policy.

    Given the policies Obama has engaged in, basically draining the economy at an unprecedented rate, it is he who is the extremist.

    Isn't it odd that all the folks they call "extremists" all just want the Constitution adhered to and a limited govt.?

    Dollars to donuts that a FEEB stops by the monkey on a daily basis posing as an extremist.
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    Oh Boy! [tinfoil101]
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    I'm a "terrorist" according to the Vice President's recent comments. I think "extremist" is kind of nice in comparison ;)
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    OBAMA STINKS!!!! [gasmask]

    There...... that oughta be good for another page in 'my file' at NSA/CIA/FBI/etc......... [beer]
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    Franklin. Jefferson. Adams (x2). And 52 others.

    All "extremest". All "terrorist". All "criminals". All if captured would surely have been executed for high treason.

    That apparently associates me with those who I am honored and feel privileged to be associated with.

    If there are members of the current administration who have a problem with this I openly and loudly . . and publicly invite them to, kiss my big hairy butt.
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