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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Im in the early considering stage of looking for another hand gun (after getting some bills and debts paid) but Im not sure what to look for. I know the traits I want but dont know if its out there or who makes it, so here it is the requirements.
    *size around the KelTec P3AT
    *price under $400 and prefer under $350
    *chambered in .380 or larger
    *semi auto
    *single double action
    *reasonably accurate, as in IF I do my part can keep groups under 4-5" out to 10-15 yards

    So dose anyone know if there is such a critter out there? Basicly a P3AT with hammer and single/double action would be great. I just dont like double action only.
  2. E.L.

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    Monkeyman, just get the KelTec P3AT. Anything that you are describing is going to cost a lot more, and to be honest outside of the Seacamp I do not know of any such critter. The .380 Seacamp is highly sought after and very expensive. Just get the Keltec and be done with it.
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    It looks to me you're describing an animal that doesn't exist .

    I had some time so I did some looking around for ya and while the size and caliber and even the price can be had they all come in DOA without hammers .

    You can get a Khar but those are more than you want to spend , then there is ths Cobra Patriot , it can be had in 380 and 9mm and lastly in that size there are still a few of the now defunct Grendels in 380 on the used market but again they have no hammer and are DOA .

    Personally if it me I would go with a Bersa Thunder 380 that runs right around $200 new and make do .

    It isn't quite as small but the Bersa's have quite a reputation as small reliable weapons and they meet all other requirements you have , hammer sa/da , price . Alas I haven't read any reports on their accuracy though .

    Good Luck
  5. NVBeav

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    I have the CZ-82 and it seems to describe pretty much what you're looking for at (usually) less than $215. I'm not sure if 9x18 Makarov is larger or smaller than .38.

    Here's a link http://www.centerfiresystems.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1207. Centerfire has the cheapest price, but there are others that have like perfect condition ones. You really need to hold one to feel how sturdy and well-built they are.

    It's extremely accurate and they clean up very quickly because of the chrome-lined barrel and polygonal rifling.
  6. monkeyman

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    I already have the Bersa Thunder .380 and like it and my Bersa Firestorm 9mm UC a lot and the .380 in particular is surpriseingly accurate, the 9 isnt bad either.

    I dont have anything to spend at present and need to check a couple of the links but from most of what I have heard am thinking will most likely wind up with a P3AT and have to get some trigger work to make it tollerable to me.
  7. Nomad 2nd

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    Ruger is making a knock off of the Kel Tec.

    If you don't mind a little fatter, there are the berettas.
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