What are Finger Limes Chello?

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    What are Finger Limes Chello? These good?

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    Good?....they're delicious!....and nutritious. (y) The flesh of the finger lime resembles caviar in appearance and texture, just that it has a very refreshing, fruity, citrus taste....it can be eaten straight from the fruit...or used as an adjunct for desserts and tropical fruit smoothies. The finger lime is a traditional Aboriginal bush tucker. My brother has one in his home garden....pity that he's selling his house. I believe that finger lime trees are available from Lowes and other horticultural retail outlets.

    The finger lime grows as a shrub and can be grown as a container plant on balconies and patios...but be careful...they are very spiny....just the thing to grow under windows that you might want to discourage burglars from entering.


    Australian Finger Lime - Microcitrus australasica

    Citrus australasica - Wikipedia

    Finger Limes have a wider culinary use than I even anticipated....

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