What are your favorite knives/edged weapons for a Bug Out Bag?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Maximus Stomholde, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Busse ASH1 and a Scrapyard 1311 and there is not much I can't accomplish. Throw in a folder for cleaning under ,y fingernails and I would be all set.. :)
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  2. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

  3. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    I have bought a few knives of Trevor (knife hunter) but that ASH is a bit pricey. About 550-600 for a fat ASH1 about right. I think I have 13 or 14 of them now so I have a bit of an idea ;)

    The 1311 can still be had for 280 so so US.
  4. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

  5. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

  6. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Possibly the first of the ASH1s I would grab..

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  7. flatlander

    flatlander Monkey+

    1 of 100 SHBM
    1 of a kind original Nuclear Variant SH - Jerry gave it to me when I retired in '04
    Leaner Meaner
    Gerber tool
    Folding saw
    MAYBE my 40 yr old Swiss Champ

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  8. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    That is a very nice cluster of Busses mate !!
  9. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    Old Gerber Trailmaster Bowie
    Kershaw Camp Knife + CRKT sheath knife
    Kershaw Blur Tonto (EDC)




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  10. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Lot to be said for having a both large and small blades handy ,
    At some point the more heavily used tool is going to need sharpened ,and at the same time the demand is high for having a very sharp back up tool, at hand, as well.
    I load my defenses as well. first round is for snakes ( in the desert) and fallowing rounds are for the more substantial threats.
    Though my big Bowie is used for about every thing , meat and wood processing , because it is having alternatives is a wise back up system .
    I am impressed with the carrying cary systems people are devising for them selves as alternatives to traditional on the hip. which means a knife can be as big or small as one wants and carried in any number of places .
    Be creative and experiment with better ways to do things , think outside the box, away from what every one else is doing.
    We live in a world of possibilities ,with new materials and fastening systems or fathers never knew.
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  11. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    2 blade box cutter.
    Considering the damage single blade box cutters did on September 11, 2001 two blades should be twice as sinister.
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  12. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I carry a CRKT 4--inch flip open blade.right now.... it opens one handed and pulls much like a firearm... fast and clean. If I am disarmed for some reason and can not get to my ankle piece... my next go to is the CRKT.. and she is quick to the fight. ;)
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  13. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    All the bags have multiple blades, the only blade that made every bag was the one piece stainless steel scalpel. SCALPEL.
  14. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    I have one of those, as well as exacto knives which i used at work extensively .
    One handle, and several spare blades, I sharpen under a microscope.
    Things look very different there.
    Each tool requires a different sharpness due to it's purpose .
  15. avagdu

    avagdu Monkey+

    Mora Companion, Bahco Laplander. I might have an ESEE Izula-II or a CRKT Hissatsu on me if it was TEOTWAWKI. I've been looking into other larger camp blades probably from Becker or ESEE/RAT.
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  16. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    Hissatsu is not high on my list, but I'm not that much of a jap blade fan these days. Switched out my laplander for a Sven saw, couldn't be happier.
  17. avagdu

    avagdu Monkey+

    Yea, I've been looking at backpackable bow saws to harvest larger wood for the winter. It hasn't been a high priority for me yet though, being in the high desert now wood for a camp fire is pretty scarce.
  18. AxesAreBetter

    AxesAreBetter Monkey+++

    I carry them for crafting projects. Better for some size of things, or to define some shapes easier.
  19. snake6264

    snake6264 Combat flip flop douchebag

    SOG Paratool - belt
    SOG SEAL pup - belt
    KaBar - I run it in the flap on the top of my 1916 holster
    SOG Trident Tanto folder EDC - pocket
    Hatchet - pack
    Machete if needed on pack
    Etool - pack
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  20. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Um, were you questioning me with what I have survived with or what I wished to have when I survived with it?
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