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    I was just looking around and comeing across some of the things I have that would be of the most use in any post SHTF situation, especialy a long term one, and started wondering what some of the rest of you have along the same lines. Im not thinking so much on the lines of the cool stuff we talk about most of the time like the guns and ammo and tactical gear and generators and so on but rather the low teck stuff that would become escential for daily life.
    Dont get me wrong, the arms and such would also be very important but how many days of the month do you expect you would be in a fire fight in comparison to how many of those days you will need to eat and drink and be clothed even after all your supplies run out. I mean I dont think I have ever run into anyone who had enouph food well enouph stored to last them the rest of thier lives if they lived say another 30 or 40 years.
    So here are some of the things I have.
    -A hand crank grain mill so that I can grind my own meal and flour, also useful if you plan to brew beer.
    -2 or 3 hand crank meat grinders to make burger, sausage, and so on which can also be cured for longer shelf life with no refrigeration.
    -Garden tools like shovels, hoes, rakes and so in in addition to axes. Still need to get a useable crosscut saw and hand crank drill.
    -Meat/bone saw for butchering and god forbid if an amputation were ever required, also top shelf butchering cutlary.
    -Preasure canners and tons of jars (a few hundred) and lids for canning.
    -Flat top wood stove that will heat the house and can also be used to cook on just like the range, also cast iron cookware and a firepit for summertime cooking.
    -Large cast iron kettle (5 gallon) that can be used for rendering lard for cooking purposes as well as soap makeing and such.
    -Books and print outs of recipees and instructions to do things like make your own soap and candles as well as cooking lard (without it everything has to be grilled or boiled, frying is out) butchering guides, cook books on haw to make everything from scratch and not a box of this and a can of that, these have to be older ones generaly.
    -Hand tools includeing logging stuff like cant hooks that allow you to move logs to heavy to man handle.

    Theres a lot of the other stuff too but most of the rest I figure is pretty common to most home. I still need to get the funds and have the well fixed and add a hand pump but thats comeing. Oh and we also actualy use most of this stuff on a reagular basis curently.
    So what are some of the things you have that most folks may not have or use that would help in your daily life if SHTF and power and utilitys along with stores went down?
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