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    I spent several days, and a number of hours, writing down a summary of what I have been a witness to, over the past year. That included some 12 different people, their thoughts, actions, and any preparations that they had made in advance, to make it thru a SHTF scenario. I always try to re-read and to correct all the misspelled words and such. I have never been one to use spellcheck ( my bad?). This time I was glad I did so.
    Anyhow, I found that as I read what I had written, it was not in the best interests of them or myself to put what I had seen and heard into print, much less on the internet.
    I found myself caught between the telling of some of these people's rather bizarre behaviours, and the exposure I was giving them.

    If I were in their position, I certainly would NOT want what I have done, said, or plan on doing in the future, told. Especially should events play out that spell disaster for the country. I am torn between telling you of the personal events and problems of these people and not being cynical of them. It's difficult. I am not an easy person when it comes to dissecting what I see as ignorant or ludicrous actions. ( who am I to judge?)
    I honestly feel what I have seen is a cross section of humanity at it's best at times and yet the worst yet to be seen. I know some of these people and have had nearly daily contact with one of them for well over a year now.
    I am not ashamed of them, BUT, I am very confused. I've watched mistakes being made, that even today in the "not so bad of times", would be fatal in any true survival scenario. I am appalled, I was shocked. I've beat myself over the head with all the insanity of what some people can do to each other, and then to themselves. It would be impossible to reveal intimate details, which if read by any one of those I speak of, would trigger a certain disaster. It would cause total havoc and maybe even murder/s and suicide/s. They all live in a small community, outside of a rural town. I talked with one man today, and I found myself chastising all of them for the lack of cohesion, or any attempt to care for one another. I see them as no more than subjects from some sci-fi novel, maybe written by Stephen King.
    It's morose at best. I wanted to share with all of you the mistakes, they've made and continue to make. I wanted to let you know, that what I have seen truly scares me. I needed to share my concerns for all of us, should we ever have a time when things truly get bad. I can't do that and had to delete all I had written over a long time. I thought I'd been careful but found that I was being far to elaborate ( invasive?) in details ( no names of course) but I was recently reminded by a post regarding the COC's, what that means. I have crossed that line prior and have no intentions of doing so again.
    I can tell you this, I have serious and grave concerns about these small communities that have no real group or any type of comraderie. Certainly NO leadership. They will set upon each other as wild dogs. I think I have discovered a few things since I began to write the first post which I deleted. The people I refer to are most ( not all mind you), running away from someone or something. Some are ex-felons, some are still wanted, some are hiding from their families. All of them are armed, and I consider them ALL to be EXTREMELY dangerous. They are not what you'd want as a neighbor! Most of them you'd not want to know at all. EVER.
    I do not pretend to be their friend, nor their confessor. I never really had the intention of becoming closer than need be to any of them. My thoughts and sentiment is simple: These people need never fear any rogue biker gangs, or the golden hordes, or zombies ( I hate them thar zombie weirdos anyway!) These people are their own worst enemies. I told one man this evening, that he needs to know his friends, and keep his enemies much, much closer. No need to worry about the "outsiders" coming to ravage his home. He needs to be aware that the true threat is very near to him at this very moment. Those that live within a mile or less, will be the biggest threat he will ever know. One day these people are all friends and chummy...the next day they are all plotting and planning behind each others backs. It is a volatile situation. Now why and how do I know this? I own 3 pieces of property only 5 miles away from the nearest ones.
    I have seen and heard things which I should not have been a party to. I know who is who, and what is what, and their plans. It is utterly heinous.
    I have voiced my concerns here at home, far away from them, to other people I know and they all ask me the same quiestion: "how can you even consider living up there among them"? The answer is simple. Only 1 or maybe 2, will survive when it all comes apart. I know which one/s will make it and I know all those that will become statistics. It is a self destructive
    "un-community". It's more than likely the worst set-up you can imagine, prior to any survial scenario.
    I no longer consider any one of those up there to be a "prepper' or in any sane menaing of the word: "a survivalist". These people are unlike any I have ever met in my life. I have seen people that lived deep in the woods along the Texas and Louisiana border, "Cajuns"? and thought I had seen it all. I now stand corrected!
    Take care and get to know your neighbors, and make all efforts you can to have close relationships with them. If there is no community and no cohesion, for whatever the reason, it will not be a good start!
    Some of these "outlanders" are a serious threat. When they can sit and openly talk to me ( a virtual stranger), about where and how they plan to ambush anyone comiong into the area, my blood runs cold.
    It was not done to impress me. It was done deliberately to judge my reactions and they made a decision then and there, on how I was to be treated and whether or not I was to be accepted into the "fold". Having spent some time working in jails and law enforement, I never revealed my revulsion to these types. They are serious and they are ready to do whatever they want, in order to eat, and to take from others what they need and desire.
    Have I fooled them so far? I certainly hope so!
    I was invited to dinner on a number of occasions.....Ever have "RAT ON A STICK"?
    Since I don't drink, I was not pushed into drinking their wines and moonshine!
    Think about it!
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    and I thought that some of us alaskans were whackos..... sounds like your bunch is a very good bunch to stay as FAR AWAY from as possible.... I am very glad that none of their type live in my neighborhood, and I can see them coming, should their type try and relocate, into my neighborhood.... Whew... Some thing to think about, that is for sure...
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    One thing I have gleaned from all of this: Good people are hard to find, whereas bad ones seem to group in clusters...
    The area I refer to is in northern Arizona( think midsection) west of Flagstaff area...
    Not so long ago ( oh I guess it was...my bad) back prior to the Y2K thingy the place was overrun with the lowlifes and drug cookers...in time, they ALL disappeared...
    That is what I am hoping for now. Theres not much left to scrap today, most areas where no one watches, all the trees have been decimated....Most leave due to the heat, the winds, and the cold...It's JUST a matter of time now.
    Patience I hear is a virtue?
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