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    Some days it doesn't pay to try to help a customer. I had this guy call today to order one of everything we make for the M14/M1A. Being curious and enjoying conversation with customers, I asked him about his rifle. Well, he's ordered it but it won't arrive for another month or so. Its an M1A Scout with a 16" Barrel. He went on to tell me he doesn't know much about the M14/M1A but his goal is to be able to shoot 1000 - 1200 yards. Possible, yes, probable, not so much. I tried to tell him that the first thing he might consider is getting a longer barrel because with a 16", its going to be much more difficult regardless of the upgraded parts he installs. He proceeded to tell me that he has been a "rifleman" for many years and even if he has no experience with an M1A, he is sure he can put holes in the target at that distance. He thought that maybe if he talked to "one of the guys," they could give him better advice. I had to laugh, to myself, of course. Physics is physics whether its a man or a woman discussing it. I've worked in male dominated industries all my adult life so it doesn't surprise me to get a response like that and I pride myself in being able to turn around their attitude by knowing just a little more than some of them do. It usually works but the guy today was hard core - I didn't have the right genes to know anything about velocity, ballistics coefficient, or the effect of a stock choice on distance. I guess my genes are more important than my jeans when it comes to knowing something. [CRC]
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    So annoying. having the right body parts and hormones in some fields seems to go with brain size.
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    Some people... What we refer to as a sexual intellectual...
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  4. bmtm09

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    Some guys never learn..all it takes is a little google looking to see what they need to know. sorry a member of the good ole boys club wouldn't listen...he will find out the hard way.
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    Smile with a twinkle in your eye as you collect his money.. It is good to try and help a customer reach the goal they are seeking, however, if they reject your advise and insist on pursuing their own direction, get out of the way.. It's all on them..

    So.. What do you make for the M1A?? Not that I would own any sort of firearm, you understand.. I am just curious what one would want to hang on one of those...
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  6. Oltymer

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    Sounds like you gave him some good advice about the 16" barrel, he might be shooting at 1,000 yards but probably won't hit what he's shooting at.
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    Thats what I dont understand about everyone wanting these sawed off ar15s if the rate of twist isnt enough to stabilize the bullet then you wont hit what you are aiming at.. I see ars with 14 inch barrels with the same rate as 16 and 18 inch bbls
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    Most competently manufactured firearms' capability for accuracy exceed the user's capacity for effectively using that accuracy. There is no help for a person whose imagination is in conflict with reality, regardless of who is suggesting a well considered reality check.
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    As far as I know, a 16" barrel is on the SOCOM, 18" on the Scout Squad (I had one) and 20" on the regular model. Most long range guys shoot the 20" and go on from there. There's also a ton of variations, like the National Match, White Feather, air gauged barrels, the whole shootin' match. Pun intended.

    That "rifleman" seems to have more money than common sense. Happy profiting. :)
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  10. RightHand

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    The standard barrel on the scout is 18" or 20" but a 16" barrel can be installed. I'm not sure why someone would not just get a Socom
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  11. RightHand

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    We have a customer I have been dealing with for many years who belongs to a PA "1000 yd club." He tweeks every part he gets with the goal of distance and accuracy. He's an attorney and has some money to spend on his hobby and enough ammo to practice
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  12. duane

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    I love all the gun nuts that come out of the woods every time there is a gun scare. One guy at the shop was complaining because the owner would not give him as much as he paid for a tricked out ar15 with all the bells and whistles and 1000 rounds of steel core 223, several 30 round magazines, vest, night sights, etc that he had bought at the last scare and as near as we could figure out it had never been fired. Been way ahead with a SKS with iron sights and firing a couple hundred rounds to learn how to shoot. It does seem that some of those with the most "knowledge" have a hard time taking a woman's view as worth something. My favorite gun shop is run by a husband wife team and if there is a question of price, availability, reliability, customer service and the paper work end of the business, you had better ask her and listen as she handles all the paper work and ordering. I deal with a couple of guns and she has dealt with 100's. She also handles most of the complaints as she is one of the most even tempered people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, raising a couple of children might help in dealing with some gun shop customers, and will honestly tell you what other people have had problems with as she hears them all.
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  13. VisuTrac

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    Maybe his target is about the size of say .. a foot ball field.
    I wish it were easier for a seller to tell the customer that they are wrong (in a professional manner) and suggest a better solution but damn them customers once they think they are right it's hard to get them off their position.
    Worse yet is the aftermath when they think the stuff you produce is junk because they are too stupid to know they are working outside of parameters of what is possible due to physics and math.
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  14. bmtm09

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    Hey!!! thats my family your talking about there!!![LMAO]
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  15. BTPost

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    As a Grand Yard Shooter, I can testify that not only will a 16" Barrel be inadequate for consistent hits, at that Range, but even with a 24" or 26" Custom Bull Barrel, it takes some some Custom Grade Ammunition to get anywhere close to consistent hits... and that doesn't even take into consideration enviormental conditions along the flight path, of the Projectile... Defiantly a "More Money than Brains" kind of guy.... The correct response for him, @RightHand would be "Will that be Paper, Coin, or Plastic, Sir? "
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  16. Cruisin Sloth

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    I have worked with the Best Females,,,, In Parts Person , Pilot of a eggbeater Boeing Helios log plucker , Second Class Tech of classified arms .
    No BS testosterone or crap & just straight work , respect was always there & the girls gave it as much as needed.
    I can tell when THE BS starts , OLD Fart or JAOF , not the JAFI .
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    i had to reread that I thought it said you worked with the best in female parts....
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  18. Ura-Ki

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    For most men (Like 99.99 %) think Long Range Shooting is like sex, they all think they are really good at it! Far be it from me to tell them otherwise! As part of the 2 mile club, I can tell you, No One can shoot that far ( or even 1/4 that distance) with a box stock rifle and mil spec ammo. period! This level of skills and equipment requires years and years and thousands of rounds down range, thousands and thousands of dollars spent on the very best of every single part that goes into that kind of shooting from a one of a kind rifle! Once you get there, it takes even more practice to stay there!
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  19. bmtm09

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    see that's why I like handguns... I am good with one..damn good if I do say so myself...I know what to expect at range ..dont have to deal with wind that much no rotation of the earth going to negate my accuracy with a 1911 lol
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  20. RightHand

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    I have two keys to successful sales: respect and honesty. I have a tactic that I have used successfully for 30 years. When a man calls and, because of my gender, assumes I am less knowledgeable, I will say "why don't you start with me and as soon as I can't answer your question, I'll either get one of the men or have one call you back. That call back hasn't been necessary too often. Not because I know everything but because I don't try to bluff my way through. I understand that a customer can teach me something just as often as I can teach him something. It becomes a dialog rather than a sales pitch. Too many people who work in sales feel they have to pretend to be an expert when in reality, the customer is the expert an we're just facilitators. I can give them accurate information on what to expect when they install one of our parts and can even tell them what not to expect. I think the key to being successful in sales is honesty. It is always my goal, when talking to a customer, to give them my full attention so they end the conversation with the feeling that the reason I came to work that morning was so that I could help them make a decision. Its somewhat of a joke around the office that I'm the only one who can take a call from someone wanting a fre inspection kit and by the time the call is over, they have ordered a $3,000 optics package and then thanked me for the opportunity for them to spend their hard earned money with us. It doesn't get any better than that.
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