What do you do with leftovers? Today... fried rice

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Hanzo, Feb 7, 2016.

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    We had leftover grilled sausage and peppers. Also had some leftover rice. I don't make fried rice too often, but it was delicious.

    Since I didn't have enough old rice to feed wifee, little monkey and myself, I made more. Big monkey was at a sleepover at her buddy's.

    While the rice was cooking, I prepped. Minced a bunch of fresh garlic, chopped up fresh onion, sliced fresh green onion, scrambled a few eggs in a bowl, and cut up the leftovers. When the rice was done, I cranked up the stove to high heat. When it was smoking hot, I added oil and dumped in the garlic. A quick stir, then the onions. A generous pinch of my seasoning mix. Another quick stir, then I tossed in the leftover sausage and peppers. Shut the heat.


    After a minute or so of stirring, I poured it out into another container. Cranked the heat back up and added more oil. I just used olive oil since it was at hand. Added the old rice, then the new rice. Mixed it for a while, Added a splash of sesame oil. Mixed some more. Let it sit for a little bit more to add a tiny bit of char on the bottom to go with the smoky flavor of the leftovers. Stirred. Added a splash of soy sauce and stirred. When it was about where I wanted it, I added the stuff I cooked earlier and mixed it all up. Then I poured the raw scrambled eggs over the top and mixed. Because it was hot, it cooked through really quickly.


    Wifee and I like it peppery, so lots of fresh ground pepper on ours. None for the monkey. A little splash of shoyu and garnish with fresh green onions. A fresh dish from leftovers. (Yesterday, I used some leftover sausage in soup too.)


    A couple servings like that and a couple cups of hot green tea, and I call it good and full.
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    Never made bubbles & squeak but I take my leftover mashed potatoes, scramble and egg throw in some cheese, spices and fry them. The family loves it.
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