What do you guys make of this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Oct 6, 2016.

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  2. Dunerunner

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    This was back when Beck was on Fox. Has to be at least 6 years old, my guess.
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  3. ghrit

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    Yeah, it's got to the point that the rumors are on top of rumors started before Bush 1 took office.
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    We can ALL see " the Handwriting on the Wall" if we are paying attention.... We do not need to have this Yahoo, telling us these things, as most of us, already know this stuff.... Watching this stuff isn't really Productive, unless it motivates US Personally, to get better Prepared for what ever contingency, slaps us in the face.... Hot Air, from a guy, who makes his living expending Hot Air... Just like Limbaugh, Hannity, ect....
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  5. arleigh

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    Problem is people are warned and do nothing.
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    Two things I invest in heavily are the ability to produce food and the tools to be and remain self sufficient. With the deep divisions in this Nation sooner or later it is going to come to a head. The question is how bad it will get and how contained it will be. My own personal belief is the Cities will become warzones as the bulk of the population has been herded into the urban environment. Those of us who have not are considered to be dumb and lacking, that is a good thing. While I will not talk about weapons, they fall under the tool category in my book. If it does come to gun seizing my thought is have enough available for Seizure that makes it plausible that they got your guns, and have enough tucked away that you still have a ample tool box. Be discreet with what exactly you have. I am a farmer by choice and trade that direct markets farm to fork and have to hold several licenses that require me to report what and how much I sell 1 to 2 times per year depending on which license. For the last four years I have been reporting a steady decline. Recently the inspectors have been wanting more complete tours of the farm. This is not something you can deny if you want to keep your license and be able to sell to the public. Every year the level of regulation gets higher and the amount of information about how many animals you have on the hoof, and how much you have in the freezers becomes more invasive. That is now becoming a part of fruits and vegetables as well. Every 5 years the mandatory farm census comes out from the USDA, it used to be one page wanting basic general information. Now days it is 20 some pages and wants very detailed information about everything on your farm. I found it interesting when the definition of a farm was changed to any property capable of generating $1,000 or more in sales. Specific information while seemingly harmless to give to the Government, is being collected for some reason :) It is my belief that showing a several year decline in what I produce and have on paper is a good thing. When a inspector gets all buddy buddy and ask so what are really doing? Yeah that sends red flags up all over the place. Talked with several others about like me in size and production that have had the same experience. Several of them either have or are planning on starting tight knit communities on their farms.

    Can't say where this mess is heading or when it will boil over but it is pretty obvious things are not heading in a good direction for anyone.
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  7. 3M-TA3

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    I think you have it nailed, and I wish I had followed my instincts and your path to self sufficiency when I was in my 20's.
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    Never to late to start whether one acre or one hundred or joining up with a self sufficient community. I just turned 48 and am nowhere near where I want this farm or myself to be. LOL and getting old enough to find the previous years of lone wolf are not as easy as they once were.
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  9. Olympic mountain man

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    the greatest weapon of all is the mind
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  10. Legion489

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    Martial Law is in effect right now in FL forcing people to leave their homes.
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  11. ghrit

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    It ain't force if they are not using chains, cuffs, and/or carrying them out. I call hooey on "mandatory" until it has teeth for enfocement, and on martial law as of this moment in time. So where has the Martial Law declaration been posted? I would be hugely surprised to find out it was issued in secret by some furry mythical overseer that could keep his co-conspirators from leaking it (and hiding the facts) as they heaved recalcitrant bodies into 6x6s and dragged them all off to FEMA camps in some remote area.
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  12. DarkLight

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    Time and again I have heard people say martial law when in fact what has been issued is a formal state of emergency. It's usually the MSM that gets it wrong and then it's repeated.

    I've done no research on this particular declaration though.
  13. Tempstar

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    I know of no state where they can make you leave your own property during an evacuation. They can and will arrest you if you step off of it though.
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  14. Ura-Ki

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    Many claim true martial law has never been declared through out American History, I don't know what they base that claim on, but there is no truth to this! Facts 1) WW-2 saw Martial law declared nation wide and it stuck for the entire period! 2) Local civil Martial law gets declared all the time, be it a natural disaster, or other local/regional state of disaster. 3) there is no provision in the Constitution that covers or even attempts to define Martial Law! 4) martial law is Illegal as it carries no weight or force of law, and is Unconstitutional ! No where is there any law yet written that gives power over the Sheeple during Martial Law! Martial Law falls under Admiralty Law, and is also Illegal in the U.S. 5) martial law is a British empire invention! 6) Any Constitutional Sheriff can strike this declaration down!
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  15. ghrit

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    1) I've never heard that. Cite a source please. One local (FEDERAL) case of undeclared Martial Law happened when the bonus army was evicted.
    2) It does not. Perhaps confused with calling out the National Guard to assist, but not Martial Law per se.
    3) That I believe, one more reason why I doubt.
    4) If the Constitution does not forbid it, nor establish provisions, then it isn't illegal per se. Extra legal perhaps, like an executive order, but that would be the extent.
  16. duane

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    We don't need congress to pass any stupid laws, we just need a compliant court system to enforce all the regulations. presidential decrees, health, safety and other requirements and a law enforcement system that enforces the court decrees. A local company was fined $250,000, paid $10,000 in court costs, and many thousand dollars for lawyers for burying a few old computer monitors in a load of fill. The owner didn't know it had been done and a disgruntled ex employee filed a complaint. If he makes any statement about the settlement, there is an extra $250,000 fine that was "suspended'. Unauthorized land fill, hazardous waste, potential water pollution, whistle blower laws, you don't have a chance and most of the sheeple are crowing about how the businessman deserved it for destroying the environment. Who need martial law in this day and age.
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    You would make me dig! LOL give me a little bit!
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  18. GhostX

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  19. arleigh

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    In some cases the idea of evacuation is to prevent looting ,,and preventing the need to send in rescue personnel to save some one begging for help well into the throws of the event.
    If you've waited till your home is floating inland from the tsunami, to act, it is unlikely any one is fool enough to try and help.
    1. pick a location well above the flood plane. prove it geologically . be aware of cascading capabilities of the area as well.
    2. deforest the combustibles from around your dwellings .
    3. provide for fire fighting in every way possible especially assuming there is no fire department.
    4. construct and provide for the possibility of earthquake 10 or worse.
    5. have an alternative secure place to go to in the event the primary home is destroyed for any reason.
    6. prepare to seal off all portals to living areas securely in the event of poisonous /toxic developments .
    They can be numerous; volcanic, toxic spill, poisons gas, smoke from local fire. ext.. provide filtration for both inner air and incoming air if possible . though the smell of smoke might pass through filters the particulates and oils should be captured.(in theory)
    prep for the worst hope for the best.
    If you don't have to leave your property at all your better off.
    If you can prove to authorities you don't need to leave your house and by reputation are trust worthy they might leave you alone,
    Or on their inspection, can't find you, and mark your home as such. You'd best not be caught out side, or see smoke ascending from the chimney.
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