What Fire Starter Do You Stock?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Flip853, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Flip853

    Flip853 Monkey++

    How many of you stock conventional fire starters in your supplies and which one do you stock?

    I was asked by my better half the other day why every time we are at the grocery store I grab 4 to 5 boxes of strike anywhere matches. The wife has just recently started to come on board with my apocalyptic fears so this prompted my response of: How will you light the stove, start a fire, or light a lantern without a match and to my surprise she did not mean why have so many matches but “Why Matches”. I began to feel that I had now brought her over to the dark side and she was staring to see issues that may arise and deliberating her own solution. Which brings me back to my original question; would money be better spent on butane lighters vs. the match?

    Her fears are that matches need to be stored inside away form weather which for us means in the house and could pose a potential fire hazard and that a wet match is a dead match in most cases so why not store hundreds of lighters instead. These could be stored away from the house and in her mind last longer, be easier to use in the dark, and for the most part impervious to water.

    Now I do feel (Strike Anywhere) matches have their place for reasons other than the above stated but I think she has convinced me to switch over to Bic’s instead.

    Your thoughts,
  2. Brokor

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    I didn't think they still made "strike anywhere" matches. I can only find "strike on box" matches by Diamond. Of course, I have several sealed plastic canisters of military waterproof matches, which serve my preparedness needs. A few packs of Bic lighters is a great alternative, however. Some folks stock up on Zippo fluid, flints, and a few lighters as well. I never really like Zippo's, but they are dandy.
  3. oth47

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    The only place I know of for strike anywhere matches is Ace Hardware.They still have some American made stuff,too,but you have to look for it.Ace is my first choice when I'm looking for anything.
  4. Flip853

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    I believe the strike anywhere matches have to be shipped as HazMat simular to pistol and rifle primers so most stores just carry the strike on box style to avoid the additional cost.
  5. ghrit

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    I can't see Bics as less of a hazard than matches, in fact could be more so, and the resultant fire would be faster and more intense. I've never had one leak, so that isn't too big a problem to get my mind around, but non the less, they burn. Violently. (Proven by tossing one in a fire, just to find out. A similar test with a box of matches was not quite as dramatic.) Perhaps more convenient, but no less of a hazard.
  6. drdave

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    I bought the remaining supply of strike anywhere from an ace going out of business. I believe you can still find these on line. I sealed mine up as the striking head can decay with time. I also bought disposable lighters in blocks of 50 very cheaply. I believe these will be invaluable. Finally, magnesium bars are nice fire starters and really do work in the field.
  7. snowbyrd

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    strike anywhere are found in the isle with paper plates, plastic 'silverware' Hmm plastic silver? Stocking up on all sorts of fire building stuff, a varity and in large quantities is good. Store them in ammo cans, they need O2 to burn. There was a LARGE wild fire near me and many places were burned up. One friend who lost his house and one dog had many, many rounds of ammo in said cans. Not one exploded, they were toasted, roasted but apperently the lacl of O2 kept then from ingiting. I suppose presurized lighters and butane refill canisters would burst even in a ammo can. MHO

    UH, also paper matches for barter and wood ones would be easier to divie up, gonna come back for more sooner than a lighter I would think
  8. BTPost

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    The correct term is DOT designation ORM-D.....
  9. Disciple

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    Esbit tablets, trioxane bars, cans of butane(for zippo). I have also been looking into this new cedar round that zippo is putting out. I also have a couple duraflame logs
    that I keep around just in case.
  10. hedger

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    Fire Steels with Scrapers/Strikers

    Wooden matches are a part of my fire starting stashes.

    My personal affection is reserved for Fire Steels with Scrapers/Strikers. If they get dunked in water multiple times, once they are dried off, they will generate thousands of fires. Also, the sparks generated from them are at 5000 degrees (F) while matches are somewhere around 900 degrees (F). Like you, I just cannot resist buying another one or two (approx $12.50 ea.) whenever I see them.
  11. Witch Doctor 01

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    one trick i use is trick birthday candles... i carry 24 in my Bob/survival kit... cant be blown out and work great for starting a fire with out the bulk of other tinder...
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