What gives her the the right!

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    Who does Hillary think she is and what gives her the right to make decisions on other countries. This is why the US is spending needed funds from home on forien wars. The US along with Ms. Clinton needs to mind their own business and worry about the troubles here at home. These people can't run our country and are working toward the fall of the US. What makes them the experts on how others should be run?

    Secretary Clinton Says Syrian President Assad 'Must Go'

    RR-logo_003910. <CITE class="byline vcard">By REENA NINAN and MARISA TAYLOR | ABC News – <ABBR title=2012-04-01T16:38:14Z>17 hrs ago</ABBR></CITE>

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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><ROOT></ROOT>Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that, despite a newly-brokered cease fire agreement with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, his days as president are numbered as his forces continue the bloody clash with Syrian opposition groups.
    "We think Assad must go," Clinton told ABC today after attending the one-day Friends of the Syrian People conference in Istanbul. "The sooner the better for everyone concerned."
    But she added that the process must be multi-pronged.
    The UN-Arab League peace plan and cease fire negotiated last week by envoy Kofi Annan is a good beginning, she said, but Assad has yet to stop the violence.
    "There has to be a timeline," Clinton said regarding the diplomatic process. "It can't go on indefinitely."
    Representatives of more than 60 countries attending the conference pledged financial assistance to the Syrian Free Army, the main opposition group, in an effort to encourage further defections from Assad's forces.
    Clinton said the United States has agreed to pledge an additional $12 million for a total of $25 million in aid and to provide communications equipment to help the Syrian Free Army organize.
    She met with the Syrian National Congress today to discuss how to document evidence of the atrocities for future investigations or trials in international criminal courts. A sanctions working group was also created to target those who are helping Assad.
    While some Arab countries have urged western nations to arm Syrian rebels, Clinton said the United States is trying to balance its support of opposition groups without raising expectations that can't be met.
    "We do have a stake in what happens in Syria, we just have to be thoughtful about how we pursue our role," she told ABC.
    And in response to reports of the growing reach of al Qaeda in Syria, Clinton said: "The vast majority of the people who are standing up against the horrific assaults of the military machine in Syria are ordinary citizens defending themselves and their homes."
    "We want to send a very clear message to the people inside Syria ... that the international community stands with you and we want to see an inclusive democratic Syria where members of every ethnic group, every religion are given a chance to be full citizens," she said.
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    Be careful, for it is slight of hand .......

    Slight of hand, smoke and mirrors. Don't get me wrong, this Witch is dangerous. but not nearly as dangerous as the Great Usurper in the Blackhouse. Joe Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Chairman of the Fed, Hilary, Michelle Obama, ....... they are all a cast of clowns sent to center stage in full public view to distract the Nation and conceal what the Great Destroyer has up his sleeve. Don't be distracted for long, because the truly evil one is Lord Obummer himself.
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    She is part of the problem as are we all. American thinks it can rule the world. We are the benevolent bully.
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  4. tacmotusn

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    A Bully is still and always a bully until they see the light and change their ways. There are many contries and peoples of the world, and even in our own country that would dispute the Benevolent part of the title "Benevolent Bully!"
  5. Alpha Dog

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    Kind of like the cartoon when we were kids the Super Friends (it had superman, batman, wonder woman) Then there was the evil side the legion of doom. We have a real life legion of doom and they have taken over the country and now on to the world. I have even given them names. O-dumba$$ ( Lord of the Liars) Joe Bide (Captin Suck) Reid and Fred are the loyal puppets (Funk and Punk) Pelosi It crawled from the Swamps (Frog Face) Hilary it is not man nor woman (Skank-a-rella) Then last but not least Michelle possibally the most evil and dangerous (The Mighty Head) standing in the sun looks like a solar eclipse. There you have them my friends the legion of poverty, the destuctors of the Constitution and the takers of freedom.

    To Be Continued new season 2012? or not? Will it be to late will Americans lose all hope and be inslaved by the evil Big Brother?
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    Aw....Alpha.....give Hilary a break

    Aw....Alpha.....give Hillary a break....she's just recycling an old speech from the previous administration....delete Iraq and insert Syria....delete Sadam Hussain and insert Bashar al-Assad....delete Colin L Powell....insert Hillary R Clinton...delete Ronald Rumsfeld....Insert Leon Panetta....Delete Republican administration...insert Democrat administration....you know how it goes....the names change but the usual suspects remain pretty much the same...Every administration seems to feel that it can run other countries better than those other countries can manage things for themselves. I can't see that desire to make decisions for other countries is going to change much regardless of whether asses or pachyderms are in the Whitehouse...or are a majority in either house in the Capitol....

    Yep....there's a lot of consistancy and continuity between administrations....domestic policies and politics going down the toilet???...do a bit of foreign policy sabre rattling to distract the electorate's attention elsewhere from their domestic woes. It worked for George W and got him a second term...why would it not work for others??
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    Why Chello old boy +1...You've posted something that i can understand ...lol
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    You're slipping Chell!
  9. Alpha Dog

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    Even I got that one Chello has simplified if to the point that an old WV Dog can understand (LOL).
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    Politicians are a bit like sperm...

    Disclaimer...I have no particular allegiance to Hillary, nor to the Democrat Party...politicians and political parties have but one imperative...re-election!...all else stems from that single imperative....it's a bit like egg homing sperm...any that get distracted by moral sentiment that doesn't aid and abet the prime directive of a sperm...die! There are rarely any second prizes for sperm that get to the egg second, or third or.....
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    To clarify, Sec of State is not an elected position. The president selects that position. She says she is getting out of politics, but one may doubt it readily. Anything she says is suspect and governed by self service.
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    I have no doubts about that at all...any politician that doesn't have their eye to the main chance, probably isn't a politician or not a very ambitious one. I am aware of the status of administration cabinet members...it is a strength, but also a potential weakness, depending on how the appointments are made. It's a bit like ambassadorial appointments....for some reason Australia more often than not gets used car salesmen and party financial backers regardless of their "diplomatic" competence. I'm doubtful that some ambassadors to Australia have the competency to make the correct choice of fork for a fish dish at a formal dinner let alone understand the complexities of the country that they are representing the USA to. : O
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