What good can a handgun do against an Army?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stillwater, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. ghrit

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    I can think up a superior way of disposing of the unmarked munitions. Target practice, you pick the targets.
  2. BAT1

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    I know a bunch of fools on a hill that would be great practice dummies. Just send that ammo to Texas.
  3. RobertRogers

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    Yeah, you wear down a standing army using time. Lots of time. Eventually the army withers on the vine. There are many examples of this throughout history.
  4. dragonfly

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    I have thought about this scenario for some time now.....
    It is NOT impossible for it to happen, and sooner than most think, or want to admit.
    Not unlike what took place in Louisiana, following the flooding from Katrina.
    The military was "unbelievable" in their actions....
    Now, I can identify with having to remove arms from locals, (idiots/morons), wanting to shoot at anyone or anything that comes into range...
    But,.... little old ladies?
    Business owners,.... all innocents.
    Nope,..... it can't happen,..... not here,.... not in the good 'ole U.S.A.!
    Uh huh!
    Keep thinking that.
    and,...I also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy!
    The local P.D. keep records you are NOT even AWARE of....(yet)
    Just listen in to any number of calls, (scanner), and the officers responding are TOLD by DISPATCHERS, IF you have any weapons in the household, and what type's, and how many! They even have info. on whether they are kept in gun safes here!
    It's NOT funny anymore!
    We ain't in Kansas anymore Toto!
  5. Stillwater

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    Hello fellow believer... [lolol]

    I have heard the same thing on my scanner... But it must have all been a mistake, because the police do not have the authority to keep such records...

    Yeah thats it, it must have been a mistake...! I couldn't have heard something that was not true...!

  6. TNZ71


    Most likely the information the dispatcher is giving out came from the person who placed the call. Rarely is intelligence like that available, usually only when prior incidents have occurred between homeowner and police.
  7. Stillwater

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    You're wrong on both accounts...!

  8. ghrit

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    EZ does it, Sw. You gotta provide some substantiation for that. I have seen cases where the caller did exactly that. And I know that the sheriff here has my ccw info available from the auto registration computer in the squad cars. I think it is wrong, but it is so.
  9. sniper-66

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    Sorry Bill, I guess it was about time for the urban legends to start cropping up as most peoples memories are starting to fade, and when that happens, culpable deniability of these legends starts to creep in. Time to set this falsehood straight again.
    I was there, the little old lady was an old black woman that would come out and wave her .38 at anyone that would come by, military, law enforcement, or neighbors and threaten them. I don't care where you are from, that is going to get a visit by the police, and she did, notice what I said, police, not the military. The others that got their guns taken away were almost all drug dealers that were protecting their drug stashes, so no innocence there. Most of the law abiding citizens kept their guns and didn't have them taken away, many pictures abound of quite the opposite. Many guns that were taken, were found "in the street" after the homes were destroyed, they were collected and turned into the LEA and no ability to track the owners.
    There is not one documented case where the military took a single gun from a citizen, lots of hearsay, and innuendos. Some arm chair quarterbacks that made assumptions that marshall law with military must mean gun confiscation. If anyone can provide legitimate documentation that the military took a single gun, produce it. The guns taken were always by the police and they were calculated raids or chance encounters on the streets with hoodlums and gangs.
    How do I know this? I flew the police chief and the top military and police brass around and was privy to the conversations. So, with that, I have to raise the [BSf]flag on this urban legend.

    P.S. We actually still are in Kansas, Toto
  10. Stillwater

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    Read my post... It says I have HEARD THAT on my scanner, several times.

    I have even had a cop tell me that I had a lot of firearms registered to me... Which caused me to relocate all of my firearms...!

    No one, not even my wife, or my son, or any of my friends know how many firearms I have, or what they are. I purposely keep people in the dark about what I have. I do that for firearms, ammunition and reloading components...Therefore the LEO's have to have access to firearms registration records. Which they are not supposed to have...

    You may have seen cases where a caller did just that, however that doesn't mean that the local LE doesn't have a list of what you own.

    When the radio reports that goes from the dispatcher, to the LEO's in the field, and the dispatchers says numerous firearms are registered to that individual, at that address, I don't have to guess that they are looking at a list of firearms, they're saying that they have that information...!

    I watch "COPS," on Fox, all of the time... I have heard the LEO"s in the field saying that there are firearms at the address they are going to...! I have heard them say that they were tipped about the guns, in the case of convicted felons. And, I also have heard them, the cops in the car, say that dispatch says there are guns at this adddress...

    I listen with great comprehension...!


  11. TNZ71


    Must live in People's Republik of Kalifornia. Tennessee has no such digital data base. Fed's can't keep that type. Hell the People's Republik of Illinois doesn't track weapons that close, just FOID card that you purchase similar to hunting license.
  12. Stillwater

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    I do live in California, just until my wife is released from her Doctors care.

    Now that the housing market has taken a dump, that will make selling out just that much harder. However, I will be getting out of here, one way or the other, just as soon as I can...

    When I first came to California, following a job, this was such a nice state... Then the Hippy thing started, in the mid-sixties. Every since then it has been down hill.

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    What can one man do you ask - simple ask the Chinese man who stepped in front of a Chinese tank stopping it from rolling down the Tinement Square. That video has been seen in every country around the world many times. What can one man do you ask - take a stand and find out.
  15. kellory

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    Yep, they finally figured out who that was. Guy named sumdum yungfool.
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    Not Really... Kell The guy you are referring to was the Tank Driver... who in all likelyhood, when he return to Base, was "Taken out back, and SHOT"... By his Commanders... for NOT following Orders.... Totalitarian Governments like "sumdum yungfool" types in their Armys... that follow Orders, No matter What.... Think of the Nazi SS Troops.....
  17. kellory

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    [sarc1](is that better?;)
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    See the fly leaf, it's copyrighted and the author reserves all rights. Be guided accordingly.
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  20. chimo

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    Well, some of the story from the OP of thisthread seems to come from that book...just sayin. ;)
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