What Happened to the HUTAREE? Day in court.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Watchman220, May 5, 2010.

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    Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree.

    So the system of justice is working? They gave the men their rights...but also put them under heavy restrictions and monitoring bracelets.

    But an update said that the Feds (prosecuters) won a delay in the release of the 9 Hutaree.

    If I believe the words of the accusers...then the Hutaree conspired to commit murder with explosives...

    If I believe the defendants...the they were not truly going to do it...or whatever.

    Truth is I do not know which....innocent until proven guilty? That is how our justice system works right?
  2. tacmotusn

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    Can you say "Patriot act"? That great G.W. Bush injustice that was embraced by almost all Government Representatives immediately after 9/11. It took years before anyone in any great numbers began to demonize it's abuses. Then as political capital, Demoncrats jumped on everything that they felt could be tagged as Republican to the dumb masses. Was anyone surprised when Bobo failed to follow thru on campaign promises to dismantle these government power enhancers?
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    I'm a real new member, in fact this is my second post. All I know is this Group of American's has been tried and convicted by the media.
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    Well welcome to the group and join the consensus.
  5. fortunateson

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    You guys owe it to yourselves to read the decision:


    Very little evidence and a lot of add-on cr*p.

    There are even transcripts on the "plot" to kill police officers. Really sounds like a bunch of good ol' boys had a bit too much to drink. The conversation even changes to strippers at one point!

    In reading it, it's probably a case where the alphabet soups didn't want to have their heads handed to them if these guys actually hurt someone. But IMO, this is in no-way an actual "plot". These guys should get off, but I have a feeling they will be pressured into pleading guilty to a lesser offense so the bureaus can save face.
  6. gettingoldsucks

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    Fortunateson: thanks for the site and the information. I read it and with You 100% that there is no real evidence against them. I have a real hard time with a lot of the judges orders such as making thme shut down their website, whatever happened to freedom of speech ?
  7. ghrit

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    FWIW, the judge ordered their release, albeit with restrictions. Should happen today.
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