What Happens When You Apply Critical Thinking To Globull Warming

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by deMolay, Apr 29, 2019.

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    What occurs when you apply Critical Thinking or Logic to Globull Warming theory. Watch the video.
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    My only question is where he came up with some of his numbers. Not saying he's wrong but I would have liked to see the math behind the premise the sun being so cold???? That said, there is no money to be made in telling the truth and certainly no control/power over the sheeple, but I digress.
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    I liked this video and his points concerning Critical Thinking are valid and his explanations were clear and concise, articulated well also. Whether his or the universities numbers are all correct or incorrect - well - I've no idea. Nevertheless, he presented his view and opinion in a very well done video. Yeah, I enjoyed it!
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    Since this planet, IS. and Has Always Been, Solar Powered... It makes a lot of sense, what this fellow has postulated... As Noted above, there is NOTHNG to be gained in Power and Control, of the Masses, if the real Issues are outside of Human Control.. i.e. A Cold Sun... So Climate Scientists will continue to Foster, Made Up Science, to keep their Funding Going, and Politicos will believe these greedy Yahoos, so they can gain Power & Control over the Masses, (Sheeple) and Hitlory will continue to walk the Earth, as a Free Woman... that perpetuated the Biggest Lie, and Coverup, in the History of the Country... And I still can hit the Off Button on the SAT Tv, and take a walk outside, for 10 minutes, and it all fades into Background Noise, and goes away....
  5. DKR

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    News from Chicago - "One thing is clear- there will be some snow this weekend. "

    So, late April and snow? In the Mid-west? (up to a foot of fresh global warming in some areas) - Yes -
    About 8 inches of snow had fallen in parts of far western Kansas by Sunday morning.
    Most areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois that were within the path of the storm had gotten no more than a few inches of snow. Gee - just a few inches....

    We've just suffered thru a weeks worth of snow - but I live in Alaska, so no big. In the mid-west? Big deal.

    Maybe that Ice Age Farmer dude really is on to something - something big....

    I don't really need 'critical thinking' - I can plainly see what is in front of my own nose. Don't need a 'climate expert' to tell what I'm seeing for myself.
  6. deMolay

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    It is at the start of the video if you are referring to the AGW theory itself.
  7. Interesting way to explain critical thinking and Logic. But I could not help but notice he FORGOT a few things.
    1) Provable Scientific Facts { Both For and Against the original Premise }
    2) Consideration of all known variables that may effect outcome of answer one is searching for.
    Other then that? A decent explanation on critical thinking and deductive logic.

    I have yet to see ANY computer model on climate change consider all these aspects. Many computer models do not include Ice core data, Because it throws their models out of wack and brings questions to their final postulations. And many geologist disagree with the models, because of this fact.

    So I have yet to see, what I Would consider positive evidence of AGW theory to be correct.
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  8. deMolay

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    Well I guess the first provable fact is the earth is not flat. And they have based all their calculations on their premise that the earth is flat. I think the AGW theory as taught at these Universities and presented by the UN and IPCC is obviously false based on their calculations.
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  9. Thunder5Ranch

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    If you apply critical thinking to the entire climate change debacle............. Snow Flakes Melt.
  10. Thunder5Ranch

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    4.5 billion years of geological history is hard to argue with. So they either ignore it or adapt it to fit the alarmist models. When entire schools of science that don't march in lockstep with the Global Warming Models they are simply ignored. Given the stability of the climate over the last 10,000 years ( A tiny drop in the bucket in geological terms) there simply is no way to predict what direction we are heading. Add in the sun to the mix and its role in the Earths temp fluctuations and all climate models are just pure science fiction. The simply are too many variable of a chaotic nature that play into climate prediction. It is just as likely that this warming period may be very short and in 10 years we found this was just another small peak followed by a deep trough. Then we will be told we need to spend trillions of dollars to fight the coming ice age. But let us say their models are correct and in 2100 we see the high temps at very worst it takes the planet to late Miocene -Early Pliocene temps.......... Hardly world ending, hardly human ending and would most likely over all be a net gain for humanity. Unless of course you chose to live in coastal areas at or below sea level, then it would suck.

    Then the debate that climate change is man made. When man made emissions and Carbon account for .5%-3% of the Gasses released into the atmosphere, with the world oceans, lakes and seas being the single biggest polluter, followed by forest, and in third place geological events like Volcanoes and Earth Quakes releasing massive amounts of CO2, Methane and Nitrogen into the atmosphere and in the case of Volcanoes. ash, a whole host of gasses beyond co2, Methane and Nitrogen. So the models ingore not only geological history and solar activity but they ignore recent, current and future geological activity because those are unpredictable and chaotic and well one big Volcano eruption throws all of their models in the toilet.

    I honestly don't know how anyone can with a straight face call modern climate science....... SCIENCE. It is the only science if we can call it that............. that has formed the conclusion first and then constructed the evidence to support the conclusion.

  11. oil pan 4

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    You realize what they are selling is a load of BS.
    The bottom line is they are selling you a tax, that they don't call a tax and you are supposed to be happy to pay it.
  12. Thunder5Ranch

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    I realize that, you realize that, the people at the top selling it realize that.............. and hundreds of millions zombie sheep trained to believe whatever they are told can't believe that! Modern Day Snake Oil sales at it finest! 100 years from now history will look back at this time and say "WHAT A BUNCH OF TARDS!"
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    TARDS!! OMG I read that had had to go to my safe space, oh my oh my and now we have only 10 years before the world ends, thus sayeth Lord Beto but at least AOC has the right idea to ban daylight savings time in order to have less daylight and will make the world a little bit cooler so maybe we'll have 12 years before the end. I'd say sarcasm off, but how many snowflakes actually believe that garbage? This goes beyond stupidity, beyond ignorance and way beyond common sense. I think these idiots are trying to commit suicide and take the rest of us with them.
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  14. Merkun

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    Well, it IS science, just not settled science. Data gathering phase only. These gorian disciples just can't help themselves from jumping to conclusions
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    Just tonight I saw 6 Chem trail planes fly over and drop crap @ 50K plus , I also saw the Alaska Airlines fly over at 34K and back at 40K high !!
    We have rain coming in , so the shit laying birds are out
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    Oregon 2019, record cold, record heat, record rain.( and its only May) Depends what end of the spectrum ones hysteria is to map what is true...........to them. The universe is as stable as Chaos can be. Earth is no different. Humans and our arrogance thinking we can manipulate the outcome of a planet that 99.99999% we can not even see or touch. There was a mini ice age several in the last 2000 years the earth first heated then cooled ice core samples show this, in the mid 1800 slowly sea level have risen and tremps have risen long before we had any ability to really be included in any mass change, what we have in reality is global hysteria, not global warming.
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  18. arleigh

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    It is a scam to tax the world to support the UN.
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  19. Thunder5Ranch

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    Real science follows a pretty strict protocol of following the evidence to a conclusion, a conclusion that is not predetermined. Real science works to debunk itself as much as to prove theory correct. This has not been the case in religion of climatology.

    Can't get around the fact that the last 10,000-12,000 years have been the most stable climate, temp, atmospheric gasses period the Earth has ever know. That of course will change at some point, one thing that is guaranteed on this rock we call home........There are no guarantees.
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  20. Tully Mars

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    I've been working outside at McMurdo Station and broke a sweat because the temps rose. The same for Pt. Barrow Alaska. I've seen it snow in Hawaii(skied there) Israel(skied there) Arizona, Alabama, Afghanistan and Tabuk. Sheite happens.
    The Global Warming clan can lick my grey haired nut sack-it's all BS.
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