What if the fix was in?!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, Jul 26, 2016.

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    What if the folks who run the Department of Political Justice recently were told that the republic would suffer if Hillary Clinton were indicted for espionage because Donald Trump might succeed Barack Obama in the presidency? What if espionage is the failure to safeguard state secrets and the evidence that Clinton failed to safeguard them is unambiguous and overwhelming?


    What if President Obama never really liked his former rival whom he appointed as his secretary of state? What if he had no real interest in seeing her succeed him because he and his wife simply could never trust her?

    What if, when Clinton suggested to the president that the U.S. wage a secret undeclared war against Libya, the president went along with it as a no-lose proposition? What if he assumed that if her secret war succeeded he’d get the credit and if her secret war failed she would get the blame?

    What if the means of fighting the secret war consisted of employing intelligence assets rather than the U.S. military? What if Clinton concocted that idea because the use of the military requires a public reporting to the entire Congress but the use of intelligence assets requires only a secret reporting to a dozen members of Congress?

    What if Clinton expanded her war by permitting American and foreign arms dealers to bypass the NATO arms embargo on Libya by selling heavy-duty, military-grade arms directly to militias in Libya? What if this was Clinton’s dream scenario -- an apparent civil war in Libya in which the victorious side was secretly armed by the U.S., with democracy brought to the country and Clinton the architect of it all?

    What if the CIA warned Clinton that this would backfire? What if the CIA told her that she was arming not pro-Western militias but anti-American terrorist groups? What if she rejected all that advice? What if providing material assistance to terrorist groups is a felony? What if the Department of Political Justice actually obtained an indictment of an American arms dealer for going along with Clinton’s schemes?

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    What if Clinton’s secret war in Libya was a disaster? What if she succeeded in toppling the Libyan leader, Col. Moammar Gadhafi, only to have him replaced by feuding warlords who control anti-Western terrorist groups that not only failed to produce democracy but instead produced destruction, chaos, terror, torture and death?

    What if Clinton managed her Libyan disaster using a non-secure email system even though she regularly sent and received state secrets? What if she sent many emails containing state secrets about her Libyan war to her friend Sid Blumenthal? What if Blumenthal had been turned down for a State Department job by the president himself?

    What if Blumenthal did not have a government security clearance to receive lawfully any state secrets? What if Clinton knew that? What if the FBI found that Blumenthal’s emails had been hacked by intelligence services of foreign governments that are hostile to America?

    What if there were terrible secrets that Clinton wanted to keep from the public and for that reason she used private servers and non-government-issued mobile devices? What if those terrible secrets involved her enabling the unlawful behavior of her husband and his shoddy, unlawful foundation? What if Mrs. Clinton made decisions as secretary of state that were intended to enrich her husband and herself and she needed to keep emails about those decisions away from the public?

    What if the president recognized all this and authorized the FBI to conduct criminal investigations of Mrs. Clinton?

    What if, after the ascendancy of Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primaries, the president warmed up to his former rival? What if Trump so got under the president’s skin that it drove him to embrace Clinton as his chosen successor and as the one Democrat who could prevent a Trump presidency?

    What if the president sent word to the Department of Political Justice to exonerate Clinton no matter what evidence was found against her? What if, in response to that political interference, the FBI investigation of her failure to safeguard state secrets and her corruption took irregular turns?

    What if FBI management began to intimidate FBI agents who had the goods on her? What if FBI management forced agents to sign highly irregular agreements governing what the agents can tell anyone when it comes to what they learned about Clinton?

    What if the Department of Political Justice never subpoenaed anything from Clinton? What if it never convened a grand jury to seek and hear evidence against her? What if the FBI requires a grand jury to subpoena documents and tangible things? What if it is highly irregular for a major FBI criminal investigation to be undertaken without a grand jury?

    What if the attorney general was involved in a publicity stunt with Clinton’s husband and then used that stunt as an excuse to remove herself and her top aides from making decisions in the case? What if this was a sham, done so as to make it appear that FBI professionals -- rather than someone politically motivated, such as the president or the attorney general -- were calling the shots in the case?

    What if Hillary Clinton has engaged in espionage and public corruption and FBI agents know that she has? What if they have evidence to prove it but they could not present anything to a grand jury because President Obama wants Clinton, and not Donald Trump, to succeed him in office? What if this blatant political interference with a criminal investigation is itself a crime? What if, midstream in this criminal investigation, the fix was put in?

    What do we do about it?

    Judge Napolitano: What if the fix was in for Hillary at the Obama Justice Department? | Fox News
  2. Oltymer

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    What do we do about it?

    We rattle their cage, bring the facts into the light for discussion and dissemination to the less informed.

    Cockroaches scurry for cover when the light comes on
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  3. duane

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    What if we combine the Freedom and liberty forum and the tin foil hat forum. I for one can no longer tell what is true and what is false. I was watching the events happening at the Macdonalds in Germany live and they talked to a muslem woman who came out of the building with her son and who said he saw that she was a muslem, headscarf, stood with his back to her and shot other people and shouted God is great etc, while he did. Next thing I know, I never saw her again on the TV and it wasn't a religious thing, he was just a nut. While it has nothing directly to do with Hittlery and the fix, it convinced me that the old joke about believing the politician rather than your own eyes and ears is still true.
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    I think it is pretty obvious now that the 'fix is definitely in' and Hillary has already be elected. They have swept away any obstacles, legal or illegal that can stop her with even the Attorney General and the FBI Director siding with her. Trump must know this and I can only wonder why he is even bothering to go through with it.

    I have lived in many a third-world country but I have never seen something this obvious done in any of them for fear of mass retaliation. We Americans are truly weak sheep. The Game is rigged and Hillary will be president. I am still voting Trump but...in denial, hoping for a miracle maybe... Those of us that see this need to be thinking how are we going to survive her reign...maybe we won't.
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    Or maybe she won't. Henry might be out there somewhere.
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    Yes, but it goes much farther than her. Let's face it, the Attorney General and even the FBI Director? The rot is everywhere! And, if you cannot trust those two pillars in our society then the whole damn thing is rotten. I could never understand the murderous behavior during the French Revolution but now, after all these years, I finally get it.
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  7. 3M-TA3

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    Somehow, some way we need to get Andrew Napolitano on the US Supreme Court.
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    And, Judge Jeanine for Attorney General! Then we might, JUST MIGHT, have a chance of saving the country.
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  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    this whole "blame the hack on the Russians" thing..
    its just so funny. its like a bad movie. really? the Russians? the Russians are trying to push out the biggest push over for sale platform in history? who are they kidding?
    the email hack was totally a Bernie loyalist insider. it was the nuclear option to take down the queen of corruption.

    ~ 1shot.
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