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    What if you woke one morning and the gauntlet had been toss down, "You want 'Molon Labe' than we shall give it to you and God and the Law are on our side." The Left is in power, in full control, and this time they mean business.

    Resistance springs up, not overnight, but day by day. It is not reported but nothing travels as fast as word of mouth: assassinations, bombings, sniping, riots... The powers retaliate with massive arrests, jails are so full they start using prisons and set up camps, sections of cities are under martial law... It makes matters worse. It's a stalemate. The military refuses to support either side. The Left realizes it is 'do or die' and turns up the heat: total Martial Law and the Constitution is push aside. The Right responds in all its ugliness...

    Three years later, the nightmare is over. The Left wants to surrender with the assurances they will not be prosecuted or held responsible for any actions during 'The Troubles.' The military sways the acceptance with an ultimatum, the fighting must stop, accept the terms or they will join the Left.

    Five days later, you are approached asking if you would accept a position in the New Congress as a Representative. You accept. The first challenge is to decide if the Constitution of old should be rewritten to reflect some of its shortfalls or leave it alone. This is your first vote. Your second, what changes are needed if a rewrite is declared.

    1. Vote: rewrite Constitution or leave it?

    2. What changes does the Constitution need if the motion is approved?

    I will start...

    1. Aye - rewrite. Keep the Constitution but add, edit or amend to reflect the following:

    2. Term limits for professional politicians
    Mandatory retirement for Supreme Court Justices
    Balance Budget Amendment
    Flat Tax

    The floor is yours, Congressman. How will you change the law of the land to ensure peace, prosperity, and personal freedom?
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    Your scenario seems a little flaky....I always thought that the Left were followers of the anti-Christ...it seems peculiar that they'd be claiming to have g*d on their side, when they are clearly rootin' for Satan???

    A more realistic scenario would be that Russia has convinced their Manchildean candidate to cede the USA as a client state to Russia, in return for protection against China. Putin of course rewrites the US Constitution to be more in line with the way that Putin and his oligarch mates would like to see things run....Donald gets to keep his gold flushing throne and runs the White House as a reality TV version of the Apprentice. (the pilot POTUS 'apprentice' series has a proven record of firings and career 'suicides' to its credit).

    As to tinkering with the existing Constitution, or doing a complete rewrite from scratch, there are pros and cons to both....the only thing about changes that seem to be brilliant improvements by the author, may be the unintended consequences which may bite harder and be more damaging than the problems that the changes are apparently supposed to fix.

    Flat taxes....aren't as flat as they may seem, once exemptions, and concessions are factored in. Which political party is going to deny themselves the opportunity to pork barrel their way into another term of legislative office. ;)
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    Said it before, Constitution is a piece of paper and much of our view of it has been created in the court system out of thin air. We will have any system of government we as a people will accept or tolerate or be forced to endure. That said, the principles of individual rights, limitations on the majority, and an organized system for limiting the oppression of the majority, have never been stated as well before or since. The government is not the problem, the concept that everything that we wish to have and can not afford at the personal, local, or state level, can somehow be supplied in some miraculous matter by the federal government is. Want free education, free health care, free water, free welfare, gun control, unlimited wild nature areas, kymbya ya and universal peace for all sexual orientations, , free housing, free sh**, etc, just let Uncle Sam do it. Medicaid started out to help a few people, most in state institutions, and now everything Obummer did with his unaffordable care act to expand its coverage is written in stone and it has to be expanded to cover everyone. Can't pay for it? The same people who would lose their seats in a state legislature in a second for creating the tax base to support it, can go home to their state offices, and scream that they have to protect their constituents medical care and expand it or any other program they wish.
    Immigration laws have to be enforced, the educational system has to return to some moral base and knowledge base, not political correctness as its base, all medical, welfare, housing, law enforcement,etc functions must return to the states and their financing and control . The laws made in one state must be supreme over the federal law in all cases except those that would deprive one of the rights outlined in the Constitution and its amendments. The system of appointed institutional civil "servants" making law and enforcing some desired end goals must end. The whole "protection" racket that the federal agencies enforce based on their desired ends in climate change, protecting the environment, protecting the handicapped, protecting the minorities, establishing a nation wide system of educational values, etc, must end and any and all laws be written and enforced by the legislative branch. Some form of balanced budget must be enforced and any item not listed in a line item in a budget on display to the public for 30 days prior to its enactment must be void. This system of 2,000 page documents being passed with no public input and the legislature having 1 hour to understand them prior to it having to be passed for ever thing in the government to continue to function must cease.
    Could continue the rant for days, but until we limit the rights of any one group, left or right, and get back to being allowed to live our lives as individuals in a cohesive nation based on some mutually agreed on set of values, it looks like we will descend ever more into chaos and disorder as each tribe attempts to enforce its wishes on all the others.
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    I'm a little sceptical of people who claim to be terrified of guns, are confused by terms like male a female or simple math, how to use detergent packets and condoms are going to come take everyone's guns.
    There is a small segment of exceptionally confused religious left out there. But their numbers are tiny. They wouldn't be able to disarm the boy scouts.
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    @chelloveck "...I always thought that the Left were followers of the anti-Christ..."

    Well, of course, they are, Gospodine Chelloveck! Devil's spawn. But, politics is politics and it does make strange bedfellows...and being 'religion is the opiate of the masses' and 'the end does justifies the means'...they'll use whatever means is handy to obtain and maintain obedience. Don't you agree? Logical approach, much better. Yes, much better.

    "Russia has convinced their Manchildean candidate to cede the USA as a client state to Russia, in return for protection against China."

    No, no, no...too outlandish, besides the President cannot cede the country. Oh my, no! It must go before Congress, must keep this tidy, all legal, can't be seen as crooks in the history books. And, given our story has the Left in power with I think....President Nancy Pelosi at the helm...who I am sure won't know what's in the Bill she's signing anyway...Yes, yes, that would do nicely. But, must it be Russia? I do so prefer Chinese cuisine over Russian fare. Bah, borsht! Dreadful stuff! However, their vodka is first-rate...Very well, Russia it is!

    "...may be the unintended consequences which may bite harder and be more damaging than the problems that the changes are apparently supposed to fix."
    I find it very ironic that you use such wording to express yourself while it also exactly expresses feelings on the Right, even the title of a famous book that indeed puts it in print how much 'more damaging than the problems that the changes are apparently supposed to fix.' Marvelous! Can we write you into the story as an Australian Ambassador soothsayer? Or, perhaps a Russian Troll since the Pentagon reported today there is a 2000% increase in them? Russian Troll, Chelloveck, get it? :) Oh well, it wasn't that funny anyway...
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