What is a False Flag operation?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Aug 23, 2007.

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    I've been thinking about this lately with all the hoopla about 911... Let's first define this term via wikipedia:

    I have, with another on this board, engaged in a False Flag Op.

    Melbo in High school.

    North had always had a HUGE rivalry with another school (East) and they had beaten our arses the past few years. We needed to beat East this time around and it was the last year playing football for a few of my friends. The pep rallies were already in overdrive for the upcoming game.

    Our team had a victory bell just off the football field. We'd ring it when we won a game, each player. It was one of those old brass jobs that made a nice sound. It had stood at our school and been rung by victorious FB players after games for years and years. It was Painted Gold as we were Brown and Gold.

    It was about 10:00 PM on a weekday night. I received a call from a Senior classmate who had an idea to strike some extra 'spirit' into the final week before the game...

    "We are going to head to school tonight and paint the BELL Blue" said the voice on the phone. Blue was East's colors. "Pick me up" was my reply. That night we painted the bell, our own bell, our victory BELL, that pretty Gold bell BLUE. I think we bleached some propaganda on the field as well but I don't remember that. ;)

    OH MAN!!! The next day when we got to school, you'd of thought someone died and they were getting ready to drop the flag to half staff. Only 4 of us knew what had really happened and we capitalized on the act of 'terrorism' at our school. People were in tears, testosterone flowed and we all beat our chests, vowing revenge on those EASTerly bastards... Chants of "The Bell Is Gold" were heard throughout the entire school. Students left and went home to create T-shirts. The principal declared the next day a 'Jeans' day, (We normally had to wear khakis and collared shirts).

    The day after the discovery of the Blue bell was a Thursday. IIRC, classes were pretty well canceled and we had a day-long outdoor picnic/party/pep rally with a LOT of Gold paint to recondition our tarnished Bell. Students had made T-shirts, Hats, sweatshirts, etc. They had painted their cars and faces with our schools 'patriotism'. Spirit was HIGH!!!! It seemed to work.. heheheh

    It's interesting to me that when Friday night came around and we got to East, they had picked up on it and were claiming responsibility.... One side of the field chanting "The Bell is BLUE!!!" with the other screaming "The Bell is GOLD" back and forth and back and forth... I actually had one guy from East tell me in the bathroom that he knew who did it. hahaha. I even saw a banner the EAST cheerleaders made that claimed our bell as Blue.[LMAO]

    We lost the game and IIRC, it was due to a bad snap from our center. but that's not the point What we 4 covert action figures accomplished was turning up the spirit of our school to the max, igniting their patriotism and blood lust, and setting a record for most traveling to an away-game. We succeeded.

    I come back to this episode often when I ask myself why our own .gov might attack ourselves. Paint the Bell, Bomb the towers....... Both actions caused us to 'buy the t-shirt' and rally against a common enemy.

    I think Iago did the same to Othello via a silk scarf of Desdemona's

    Here are a few more examples of a catalyst needed to jump start and prime the people.

  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    I think the "common enemy" is being under estimated.
  3. Clyde

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    PS: Melbo provided the Ford Tractor Blue paint.....he was an "operator" in this mission and physically painted the bell and just about got caught by a couple teachers who had heard the other team was going to steal the bell, not paint it.

    The operators on a separate mission:
  4. Tango3

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    creativity!! I like it. (too cool melbo...)too bad you guys lost the football game...
  5. melbo

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    WHenever someone asks me why 911 might possible=y have been an inside job, I tell them "The Bell is Blue".

    Motive is everything
  6. TnAndy

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    Yep.....the Bell is Blue.

    And out come the flag waving 'home team' hollering for their team...."We support the troops !"....yellow ribbons......bumper stickers with "9-11 NEVER FORGET !" ( What they didn't know in the first place )...a whole new slew of country songs about kicking ass.....Rudy Guiliani wearing a NYFD hat.......

    One big national pep rally.....Whole thing makes me puke.
  7. andrew414

    andrew414 Howdy.

    9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 Mayor of America blah blah blah blah. Terra, terra, terra...

    The bell is blue and it's probably a knockoff made in China. Wait, buildings don't collapse at the speed of free-falling objects. Durrrr. Look, it's Paris Hilton! Michael Vick! Gay Senator!

    I hope 2008 will see that our bell is thoroughly stripped down to the metallic, unyielding surface of liberty. Matte sable, glinting in the bright lights. It is flawed and it reminds us of how flawed we, as free people can be. When I was a child in Phila. I put my hands on the bell, in the bell. It was cold, but alive, and I knew then the feeling was meaningful.

    Now, as FEMA and DHS build their own Auschwitzes and Birkenaus and tally their lists. Red and blue. Execution and slavery. Now I know exactly how meaningful it is.

    This is my victory bell.

  8. Clyde

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    Hum......just thinking about Blue Bell opportunities!
  9. nightshade7206

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    Holy Chit! Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. BigO01

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    Neat story Melbo only one problem .

    They don't stick a needle in your arm for painting a Bell Blue , but you can bet your arse they would if they found out you helped plan the killing 3,000+ people .

    They couldn't even manage to cover up Watergate do you honestly think they could cover up a 911 plot ?

    Washington has way to many big mouths who get themselves into way to much trouble doing to many stupid things that they spill their guts to bargain their way off the hook for it to have been an "Inside job" .

    Bush is a jerk and a bad President in many ways but he is way to spineless to be involved in something that deadly to him personally .
  11. Blackjack

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    They've covered up much bigger
  12. BigO01

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    If it is covered up then it isn't found and the world has known about that for decades now Blackjack .

    Hell there are 30 year old movies about it .

    If that were the 911 attack then it would have been found while the players "or at least some of them" were still alive and could be held accountable .

    Considering Bush SR.s present age I think Jr. can reasonable expect to live another 20 years , he wouldn't take the chance of his legacy being a treasonous murderer .

    Some folks have their tinfoil hats on way too tight .
  13. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    I'm not ruling it out.... too many unanswered questions.
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