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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Dec 15, 2012.

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    The true liberal believes in cause and effect while the rest of us believe that true evil exists and we must be prepared to confront that evil, regardless of time or place.

    The liberal believes that if there is a shooting, it is because there was a gun available, not because the murderer needed to carry out their evil intent using any weapon at their disposal, be it a gun, a knife, club or even fists.

    The liberal believes that if poverty exists, it is because others live without poverty, not because there are people who find it easier to live off the labor of those who are willing to work for a living.

    The liberal believes that government and laws are the answer to the problems of the individual, not the other way around.

    The liberal believes that any problem can be solved by throwing money at it and the more money you have, the more money you should be required to throw.

    The liberal believes in societal responsibility, not personal responsibility

    The liberal is not a bad person, just a person who practices bad citizenship

    The liberal believes that the Constitution and its attendant Bill of Rights are fluid documents rather than the cornerstone of our country without which we can easily crumble.
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    And the choir says "Hallelujah!" Can I hear an "Amen"?
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    What is a Liberal?
    It's a buzzword/meme used to try to label people into a group.
    The left/right paradigm is derp5|-|17.

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    The same applies to the terms: conservative, Democrat, Republican, etc etc etc....they are convenient broad brush labels to hang one's biases and prejudices on to. They are the kind of cultural logos that enable individuals and groups to praise or throw stones at without giving much thought to what the labelled actually think and do.

    We humans are often a contrary lot and some of us are more nuanced than the broad brush conceptions and assumptions made about us by others who have no idea how we actually think and behave.

    Sometimes labels are a convenient, necessary evil, for saving time and ease of interpersonal communication; but the downside is that labels that have a highly emotive characteristic attached to it, can be manipulated cynically by the dishonest and those grasping for power to the detriment of all....
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    Agree completely....even even with the OPs points....I just couldn't help but think how easy it would be to sub the word "Liberal" with any number of others words to achieve the same memetic effect.

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    Humans define, categorize and file everything they can. If something cannot be defined, categorized and filed, it is destroyed. A classic meme: violence in movies being imitated in society by youthful, hopeless slaves who do not have an identity of their own (another meme). Some would argue, that a person with no predefined attachments to established culture in philosophy, religion, politics and social order are dangerous --like a ship at sea without a rudder. It all comes down to control, but very few will ever admit it. They will not admit it because they are scared --and their fear is just such a vehicle required to allow attachment to a meme.

    It is because we cannot tolerate greatness in our midst that we do everything we can to destroy it. In the past century, self-thought was killed by television. Welcome to the new world.
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    save a lot of time painting folks with a broad brush and generally don't miss much and when you do, it generally an exception rather than the norm. For example, I know that all black men that wear their trousers below their butt can't be bad, but if I see a group of them hanging around a corner at night, bet your ass, I am going to cross the street and keep my hand on my gun. A liberal might look for the exception but I recognize that a spade is not always a multi-use digging implement and prefer to go with the odds.
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    I'm a "Conservative" not the Political meaning of the word though. I try to keep things I have going to get their full lifetime of use. I Conserve what I have for future use. I don't believe in wasting any thing, except zombies.
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    Bad citizenship =Liberal
    I am good with that definition!!!!
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  11. EdD270

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    Liberals are arrogant, conceited people who think everyone should do thing their way because they know what is best, regardless of what we think or want to do.
    While it is possible that sometimes they may actually have a better way of doing things, the usurpation of my liberty to make my own decisions and live with the consequences is too high a price to pay for their ideas, even if correct.
    I'll make my own decisions and do things my own way, thank you. I would appreciate it if liberals stop trying to interfere with my life.
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    You need to chill out and recognize that part of living in a free nation means that you co-exist with others who may not share your views and opinions.

    Everyone is entitled to their own standpoint, and should not be labeled and villainized for it.

    Otherwise, your definition of freedom kinda sucks.
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    so true on all liberals
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