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    Bud sent me a link defining a prepper but it was woefully short sighted. I wrote him this:
    Prepping is a misnomer to many. Some think just having a week or two of food is sufficient but IMO, that is an act of futility. W/O the ability to move quickly, have alternate routes to various locations, pre arranged plans w/those of similar attitudes, caches, communication abilities, extensive first aid knowledge/supplies/meds, water filtration/storage, shelter, and arms to meet any need are all part of being a true prepper. Some say this is mere paranoia but the citizens of New Orleans would argue the point--those from Chernobyl, Russia would also. Having the ability to leave the security of home for 3 days, 30 days, or forever should be a capability. Arriving at one of your destinations safely and already having plans to be able to make it defensible should be part of those plans.
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    True HK, but words that we understand mean little or nothing to neophytes. Actual definitions or examples make it plain to those struggling to grow in knowledge/experience. Have grown very "shy" in talking with most locals. Still respond to inquiries but in a guarded mode till I see their true degree of interest/involvement. Love to help those truly interested in securing safety in bad situations for family.
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