What is in your vehicle tool kit for survival

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    Since i drive a very small car i learned to carry some basic thing's in the vehicle the smart car trunk tailgate has small compactment that allow's you to store thing's in it

    Here is my list of supplie's i keep in the trunk compactment

    -set of hand tool's with following items add to the set
    -needle nose plier's
    -torx screwdriver's
    all packed into a soft flat carrying case
    -tire gauge
    -jumper cables in soft carrying case
    -set of fuze's as it need in a hardshell carrying case
    -extra light bulbs for headlight's and tailight's in a hardshell carrying case
    -wheel lug socket with long handle wrench
    -vacum packed texas credit card --a 7.ft long hose with a pump unit on the hose to help get gas out of another vehicle gas tank if it need
    -small tube of hand cleaner with shop towels in a vacum packed plastic bag
    -roll of duct tape
    -roll of raditor repair tape
    -fan belt for the engine
    -glove's for wearing as need
    -oil filter wrench with handle
    -first aid kit in soft carrying case
    -extras cabin door opener tool with handle and key's for the door lock's on a keyring that was dummy cord to the door opener tool
    all this is packed into the compactment in a layered effect to get at the items i would need first before moving onto the last item

    If i was bugging out of the place in LA i would have three rubbermaid tote's in the vehicle with me along with can's of gas and oil for the vehicle and water for me and the vehicle .

    These item's are the basic everyday thing's i keep in my vehicle for basic city & county driving and since i'm moving about 4 mile's away from my cabin because i have thought long and hard on this about staying close to home because of beening tired of dealing with people miss trust of my work and i'm going to see if i can find a part time job in the area to keep me working intill i'm ready to retire for good
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    Good suff! I would like to set up something similar
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