what is Islam based on?

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    This guy has a lot to say... IMHO is worth the time but it is rather long... and he ain't nice about it...


    think they will put out one of them fatwa thingys on him?

    sure do seem to be using actual history?

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    Wireless data warning lol.
    Have to watch later.
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    FEAR and EMPTY PROMISES. (and it's not the only religion to follow this path)
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    Aliens from outer space?
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    I hope this gets out to everyone, and we can finally put this false religion where it belongs.
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    Our resident Islam defender is unusually silent.
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    Dr. Smith has other videos on youtube that are both shorter and well worth listening to. Turns out that Mohammad may be an afterthought and wasn't brought on the scene until a couple of hundred years after his death and the q'ran (?) wasn't written down until 200 or more years after his death. Islam has some real problems that need to be addressed.
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    Looking at islam with a very broad view, it appears to be written by an egotistical, self-centered, woman abusing pedophile with illusions of grandeur...on opium.
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    To stir the pot further,
    Islam teach that it is acceptable to lie even teach lying specifically to the infedel, religion based on deception .
    People i have met that lived with muslim know this to be the lifestyle ,and not even children can trust the things their parents say.
    In contrast Jesus said Satan is a liar and the father of it. 500 years before mohamed . not only that according to scriptures , there are no liars in heaven, making sense since satan was kicked out .
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    Islam can be traced back to Abraham through the son of his handmaiden. To really be truthful... Mohamed is out of the same paternal line as Jesus, and per the old testament can also trace his linage from Abraham back to Adam as well as several prophets of the Jewish faith. Per the old testament, God promised Abraham that two major houses or faiths would spring from his loins...

    Much as Things were different during Christ's time and Mohamed's time and their works have been translated and interpreted by various sects i.e. Westboro Baptists, extremist mullahs, it is difficult to determine who truly interpreting who's word correctly.

    As for me I will judge them by their actions... there are many Moslems that I consider good friends, as well as members of other faiths. As to "Christians" there are some that I will have nothing to do with and would be more likely to believe the worst of...

    It's not the faith, it's how folks practice it....

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