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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Yard Dart

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    There are many reasons to prepare in this day and age, for the survival of you, your family and team. I have been going through a lot of threads, new and old alike. It made me think of where each of us is coming from in our viewpoint for prep's, survival training, and in general "focus" of the issue most pressing in your planning?

    I for one try to be prepared for most contingencies in general but my two biggest concerns are economic collapse and EMP (first strike or solar flare). In my opinion these are two of the most likely to happen within my lifetime. But the more I know, read and watch... I could easily say political collapse into tyranny, WW3 with China or Russia, peak oil, or a rouge asteroid strike.

    What do you think and how are you preparing, that is different than being all around ready for every contingency? As we all know and have discussed.... you could spend an enormous amount of time on just one contingency... let alone the gamut of what we may face at some point.
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  2. Airtime

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    I may well be wrong, but it seems probable that there will be several common dimensions that will arise from any of the causes of whatever. A family will need to:
    1. Sustain themselves - food, water, shelter, medical, etc.
    2. Defend themselves and their sustainability - those that aren't capable of self sustainment will try to live off those who are. This means physically protecting that sustainability from damage (fire, water, etc.) This also means economic defense to not loose your ability to sustain yourselves due to economic threats (e.g. having no debt, money or assets in reserve, insurance plans, etc.)
    3. Re-engage in a local economy - most scenarios will result in an economic collapse regionally, nationally or globally. Most jobs people have now are linked to those larger economies and many if not most of those will likely cease to exist. It is nearly impossible for people to be self sufficient in all needs forever. Even the American Indians engaged in trade as they realized flinklocks and wool blankets would improve their lot in life. Trade for goods and services will eventually redevelop. One needs to be positioned to establish themselves advantageously when trade starts to be re-established and it will start locally and then expand.

    If a family has good capability in these three dimensions, they might make it. Now the interesting part is there are thousands of ways to implement capabilities for each of those dimensions and everyone has their beliefs and prejudices as to efficacy of their personal implementation paths. Frankly some are good and some are probably highly ineffective but it will be hard to convince them of that.

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  3. Motomom34

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    Bingo! This is where I see the fall happening. They don't need to set an EMP over us because we will do ourselves in ourselves. Look at the divide, look at the run away government. We are a nation divided that is getting weaker everyday. One event and the house of cards can collapse. IMO we are classified as a political party prior to being seen as a human. We are a nation where IMO the majority is incapable of functioning without material objects, standing on ones own feet & pharmaceuticals- I am not talking blood pressure medic etc, but the meds people take to stay happy, to sleep, etc.. I don't even think most young people can read a map, why bother learning when you have an electrical device that will do that for you.
  4. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    I am a "global" or "gestalt" prepper. I started off with disaster preparedness (I was a direct victim of Hurricane Andrew, 1992). My preps have since evolved to the point where I am prepping for any and all contingencies, from EMP to social/financial collapse. I try to examine all of my preps critically and ensure that I have gear, skills, and support systems in place (read Mutual Assitance Group).

    As I always try to impress on people who tune in to my radio show prepping is more or less a bridge, a bandaid, if you will. Our ultimate goal should be self sufficiency. Just my [2c]. FWIW, YMMV.
  5. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    I guess when I realized I was prepping for something it was the worry of having my guns taken away-and those pesky Russians-I mean after all they hit Colorada in the first wave..;) That was a long time back, and I feel like I've matured a bit since that movie 1st came out. For me, I didn't need a scenario per se. I just wanted to survive "whatever". Pretty naive I know but its the truth. Mainly worried about society falling apart (for whatever reason) and not wanting to fall with it.

    Fast forward a lot of years and I aside from those pesky rooskees I was mainly concerned with a natural disaster. Having lived through St.Helen's in 1980 it was real to me. I had a shotgun mentality back then. Cover everything. Doesn't work all that well. Nowadays, I think we will have an economic collapse to deal with, but no longer sure if that will be the main event vs a result of. War I think will be the next biggie nature not with standing. If that war is internal, or a global conflict remains to be seen. The basics never change no matter what- Food,Water, Shelter.Defenses to keep what you've put away. Once those are well covered, I think many will find they have a good start on other areas. They all overlap to a point.
  6. Dunerunner

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    Skills will get you by and make you more valuable alive than as a meal. Being able to build a safe water source, hunt and fish, design and power a small electrical grid, reload ammunition, cast bullets and manufacture gun powder, craft a functional hunting bow, arrows and broad heads, tan hides and make clothing, make soap and candles, or build a heating unit from scrap will all go miles toward your survival. Standing alone used to be my mindset, but the reality is that communities will develop after the chaos and those communities will need specialized talents to be successful.
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  7. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    Agree 150%. I used to think I didn't need anyone. Now I see the error of my ways..;)
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  8. BTPost

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    Our Lifestyle allows for most contingencies, as far as "Being Prepared"... It really doesn't matter what the "ISSUE" is that causes things to "Break Down" to US, as we are so far out, it will take others a few Days, just to get here once they decide, that where they are, is no longer Tenable, and decide to MOVE. We generate ALL our own Power, have 12+ months of normal Everyday Food, before we have to dig into the "Long Term" Food Storage. Have enough Powder, Primers, and Cases, to reload for ALL the Weapons, in the Weapons Locker. Have enough Fuel in the Tank Farm, to keep us going at our Winter Rate, for more than a couple of years. Now, WE didn't just walk into this situation, but built up the Stores, over a many Decades, as Momma and I, come from 4 Generations, of what Folks, now call, Prep'ers. I have an Expanded Set of SkillSets, and enough competence in areas where I am NOT a Master, to get along. I am NOT a Mechanic, but can wrench if I have to. I am NOT a Carpenter, but can Pound a Nail, and Saw a Board. I am not a Plumber, but can do Piping when needed. What I am, is a Technologist. I have many SkillSets in dealing with Technology, and the Sciences. Communications, Networks, Power Distribution, Chemistry, and Energetic Materials Science, are just a few. Momma is an Accredited Registered Nurse, with a specialty in High Risk Labor & Delivery. She has extensive experience in Bush Medicine, both in Alaska, and Africa. She is a Senior Trainer for Dr's w/o Boarders, and is Chair of their Policy, Procedures, & Protocols Committee. We are both OLD, and are in the waining Years of our Lives, and have collected many Diverse SkillSets, over many Decades. So as long as our health, allows us to keep going, we will be here, and when it doesn't, We will have a Viking Funeral, and leave the World to the rest of you, to deal with.....
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  9. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    Again , I say becoming self reliant in everything you can from food production to fuel, power, defense etc. To be self reliant is liberty. Freedom from needing others. Of course we will need friendship and barter and these are needs we seek out as we want them but are not forced into. I can survive most anything here for a good many years before I have to look for help or people to trade with. Food, shelter, water and protection. You have to cover all three.
  10. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    I am preparing for the most likely event...forced retirement and/or unemployment. The second most likely is being forced to do some BS by government dictate. Independence and self-reliance are the best defense for both.
  11. hot diggity

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    If I knew what the next disaster would be, it wouldn't be any fun to hang out here. ;)

    I was raised this way. It's the way my folks always did things, and likely a result of their parents living through depression era rationing and Michigan blizzards. Deep pantries and self sufficiency have become a family tradition. Before I'd ever heard the term prepper, I thought of myself as a junk man, antique collector, and a tightwad. The old framed embroidery at Mom's reads "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

    It wasn't until Y2K when there was much talk about needing to stock up on stuff that I realized I always had. I have no idea what the next big disaster will be, but I am constantly learning how to deal with new things. I'm to the point now where I'm mostly "putting away" knowledge, especially in dealing with people, recognizing what may be necessary in dealing with them after a collapse. I have lots of stuff scattered all over the county, but some of it could be gone in an instant. That's where the old junk man will be able to dig up something useful out of the ashes, trade, barter or work for other stuff I need, and start over.
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