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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Dunerunner, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Dunerunner

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    I got to thinking about this because of something I was watching about ancient aliens, but it is unrelated to this post.

    In the event you need an infusion of blood or plasma, do you know your blood type and RH Factor? If you travel, you may want to know what the majority of the population's blood type is in case your are hospitalized and need whole blood. Add to that the perspective of preparing for natural disaster, and you may want to think about you and those folks you have around you as a source of blood in the event of injuries. Granted, most do not have the expertise or equipment to perform a transfusion and conditions may not allow such a procedure due to not being able to create a sterile environment, it was just a thought.

    Personally, I am A+.

    Here is a link showing blood type distribution around the world... Modern Human Variation: Distribution of Blood Types
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  2. Ura-Ki

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    Type -0 is universal doner, very handy if you know of one!
    Don't forget plasma, it's also universal!
  3. HK_User

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    As are blood borne pathogens.
  4. 3M-TA3

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    Like @Ura-Ki , AB+, the near universal receiver. Nice link and quite interesting
  5. Seawolf1090

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    A+ for me too.
  6. Sapper John

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    I'm a blood cow, O-.
  7. Bandit99

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    You know, I have the damnest time remembering my blood type, it's O+... but I always want to say O- for some reason. The way I remember is since O- is the 'golden blood' (universal donor) - well - I don't have that so it's definitely O+......…. no idea what my "RH Factor" is and don't even know what that is or if is important. Is it?
  8. tacmotusn

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    There have been advances in a artificial blood substitute over the past couple decades. As usual, regardless of how promising or advanced or needed some medical discoveries might be, the USA FDA is largely in the pocket of big pharma. Japan had a blood substitute product in use that was proven shelf stable for months and months with out refrigeration and was compatible with ALL blood types. The product did what it was supposed to do, and was gradually replaced in the body by new blood, just like our blood renews. How or why it seems to have quietly disappeared i do not know.
    However, a couple things stand out in my mind. Superglue came into medical use in the Vietnam War. After that war, doctors and medics and nurses knew of it's use and benefits, however the US FDA would not permit it's use in US hospitals due to lack of approved testing etc (forget military usage). Canadian Doctors and others around the world plus rogue USA doctors used it anyway. I was surprised and very grateful for how well my knee surgery went in June with the use of Superglue. I guess somehow big pharma got overruled by common sense.
    One more. Once upon a time a man developed a variable high mileage carb that you could fit on a 1960s 390 cubic inch ford full sized car and get over 80 mpg. He was bought out by either car makers or petroleum companies and his carb just disappeared.
    My point being, The needs of man sometimes takes a second seat to greedy bashtards with deep pockets who want no one messing with their monopoly.
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  9. SB21

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    O pos
  10. DarkLight

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    I'm B-, which explains so much and which I use as a genetic excuse for my poor attitude.
  11. Dunerunner

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    [LMAO] [winkthumb]
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  12. SB21

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    Don't let the blood type dictate ya ,, I've got quite a few that say's I'm the grumpiest som beech they know .
  13. AndyinEverson

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    I'm A+...or as it says on my "Dog tags" A__POS...which I hope doesn't mean A Piece of Sh*T....:eek::D
  14. Bishop

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    A + tattooed to my side
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    Red blooded American.... A+
  16. Seawolf1090

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    My buddy in the Navy was B Negative, which he also took as his life philosophy. Good dude, but a bit gloomy.
  17. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

  18. duane

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    I am AB+ and am lucky, my sister and 2 of my brothers were AB-. AB+ is a universal donor for plasma as I understood it from my USAF days. Was part of a "walking blood bank" program in military. You can donate plasma every 28 days and a few times they pushed that up a bit and a couple times they pushed it a bit and took whole blood, usually for bad accidents or babies with blood problems. One thing to donate blood to the Red Cross and another thing to hold the baby who has part of your blood and is alive because of it, gets right personal.
  19. Ura-Ki

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    More then once, I tapped a vein and donated right there on the floor to some one leaking it faster then I could plug it! I.O'ed a dude and had two Ports running, one in each arm, so I had my Buddy tap me and kept at it! We had already run out of Blood and were fast running out of plasma, and were two seconds from landing and having the trail bird bring over what they had left! They don't tell ya your gonna get tapped when your AB pos or 0 pos! I swear I got stuck once a week, some times twice! and training/practice would get stuck twice per day ( No draw) until the veins hardened up! Don't forget, Sugar water can also work to a point, make a simple syrup out of granulated sugar and distilled water ( About 40/1), shake well and tap in! Can be added to a plasma bag to extend as well, though I wouldn't do it unless I absolutely had to!
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  20. I'm A Pos. a friend is O NEG, universal donor. She donated so often her veils won't allow draw anymore. Since I have retired BB calls me every other month, I'm working on my eighth gallon.
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