What kind of nation drafts women and sends them to war?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by john316, May 5, 2016.

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    Feminism...we're all equal now.
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    Draft them, fine but use female soldiers in an appropriate way. Women are not good for the front lines. Sorry sisters but that is true. I could not carry all the gear and items needed to be on the front line. My body is not made that way and most women’s bodies are not either. Maybe some of those women will wake up as this woman did- http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/6/erika-lopez-female-combat-engineer-who-went-awol-h/

    Yes, one of the women that was a trailblazer for women in combat became a deserter. I would be interested to see an up-date on why the desertion. From the article I linked, one comment said- Twenty percent of women in the non-combat arms were relieved from their assignment in Afghan and Iraq for female related issues (what were those issues????) Women are not men, men are not women- different bodies, different in talents in many areas. Look at what the assets are and utilize.
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    And the Armies own study found that the units with women in them perform less well in marching, and physical performance. It was very common for the females to have the men carry parts of their kit for them, and then to need the men to throw their packs over walls and help them climb over...
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    Unless the military sets up some %100 day care ,I can see women getting pregnant just to avoid the draft.
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    If slavery is good for the gander, it's good for the goose.
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    I would argue that we need to use all soldiers in a manner appropriate to their physical (and/or mental) capabilities. If a woman is capable of performing the duties of a particular job, they should be able to do that job. The other side of that coin is that some men are not capable of the tasks required of infantry (or artillery, armor, military police, data analysis or whatever) and should not be assigned to those jobs. There should neither be different standards for women and men in a position, nor should there be exclusion from jobs based on gender alone.
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    Doesn't Israel require everyone to serve in the military for at least two years? Not sure about any other countries...
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    First off we haven't drafted anyone male or female in decades. Yes men 18-26 are required by law to register with selective service for a future possible draft if necessary. Y'all wanted equality. Quit yer bitchen. Ain't none of ya been drafted yet. There was a draft in 1968 and I would have been drafted as a ground pounder no doubt. I saw fit to beat them to the punch and joined the Navy.
    BTW, what kind of country drafts women. A threatened and small besieged country like Israel. However I believe they call it 2 years required national service for all youth between ages of 18-21. It doesn't have to be military, there are other options.
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    Agree. The position determines the ability, physical or mental, required. Back in the old days, there were aptitude tests that pretty quickly weeded the cargo handlers from the electronics technicians. You could chase any rating you wanted, but the qualifiers had to be passed. If not physically qualified, that is, could not pass the cut, there was always civil service. Personally, I like the idea of national service, and would have no trouble supporting a return to the draft, to include ALL of any stripe and ability. We need garbage truck loaders as badly as we need PhDs in obscure science.
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    I have another caveat with regard to the draft. Marriage has become such a sham that it is almost unrecognizable to me. It always peeved me that the rich and famous could find ways to avoid the draft and married men were lower on the draft list just because they were married. If a draft becomes necessary only married folk with children should get any kind of break. This should be in the form of either is eligible for the draft with no favoritism shown until one gets randomly drafted, then the other is ineligible to be drafted until the first parent is released from the service. In the Navy we had females in many rates (job descriptions). I guess now in all rates. In the past when approaching a deployment 10 to 15 % of the females assigned to a ship married or not magically became pregnant. Birth control exists as does abortion. Accident? or preplanned, becoming pregnant has serious effects on proper manning of a ship. There should be some sort of penalty for these female sailors to fit this inconvenience. Such as reset their sea/shore rotation to zero on the sea duty part. So sad too bad to the unfortunate accident pregnancy. Serves you right to the planned pregnancy. Suck it up and learn or get out!
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    I would say that in the event of another Draft, there would be no preference given anyone. If another Draft necessary conflict should occur it will undoubtedly require involvement of every citizen living in the U.S.
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    Even I have to ask, would you like to rephrase that? You want to maybe put a minimum and maximum age on that draft? Would you like to make it optional who have already served. I know that some if asked and they had a viable position for them within their skill set they would jump at the chance. I have to admit I have become somewhat of a anti war dove, in that due to lies and lack of transparency we often go to war for all the wrong reasons. I am sick and tired of seeing American lives wasted for no good reason. Congress not the president would have to both pass a declaration of war and also reinstitute the draft with a stated end date.
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    To what end? Trying to write up all the pros and cons is a bit premature when or even if to develop the drafting plan isn't even decided.
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    I'm guessing here, but the next "Big One" is going global in a heartbeat. Depending on the resources and tenacity of the enemy or enemies, it isn't a stretch to envision everyone but the very young and extreme elderly being engaged in some kind of support of the war effort. And, I'm talking about a conflict where we are attacked deliberately and militarily. I'm not talking about a Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. I am talking about one of our military assets being destroyed without provocation or the United States being attacked directly.

    It would be a war to preserve our way of life. Not to far fetched, in my mind.
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    Russia and Iran form an alliance, make an EMP first-strike event....China decides to nuke us due to lack of interest payments on our debt to the.... and so on, not hard to imagine some scenario along those lines.... and it would be every man and woman required... to restore our nation... once the masses die off. Doubt there will be much discussion about equality at that point..... everybody will have to pull their weight, in whatever manner they can.... or they will be sloughed off by society...harshly.
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    Look, they are getting the same pay, the same benefits, same-same so...so no. Front line bullet magnets just like the men - if they can do the job and the job is up front then they go - period. They have full rights, full equality... They also should register for the draft on their 18th. I still don't think they are doing this yet are they? And, if not, then why not?

    On another note... we had 16 million men and women under arms in WW2 - that was with a population of ~130 million IIRC.
    So, one could easily assume that if the nation was put on a full war footing that number could double depending on lots of things...the last I heard it was something like 7 support troops to provide for 1 combat troop but I think they have got that down to something like 5 now...
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    And on average, 1/10 of a population is what you expect for "military strength". Just a military history rule of thumb.
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    "Yes, one of the women that was a trailblazer for women in combat became a deserter. I would be interested to see an up-date on why the desertion. From the article I linked, one comment said- Twenty percent of women in the non-combat arms were relieved from their assignment in Afghan and Iraq for female related issues (what were those issues????)"

    Pregnancy. Quickest way out of a sh!thole like the 'Stan is to get knocked up. Don't want to go on a float (Navy ship deployment) - get knocked up. Once the ship leave port - go get a free abortion. Happens all too often.

    One study of a brigade operating in Iraq in 2007 showed that women sustained more casualties than their male counterparts and suffered more illnesses. Female soldiers experienced three times the evacuation rate of male soldiers. And of those evacuated for medical reasons, a shocking 74 percent were for pregnancy-related issues.

    The impact of pregnancy on U.S. Army readiness came to the forefront following the Persian Gulf War and the large-scale deployment of military servicewomen. Some deploying units reported that non-deployable rates for pregnancy among women were as much as 30% of those assigned. Numerous studies were conducted to determine the impact of pregnancy on Army readiness and different conclusions were drawn. From a tactical perspective the numbers of non-deployable for pregnancy are more than 16% in support units with a high concentration of female soldiers. Pregnancy in these units has a great impact on readiness, as well as the experience of the pregnant soldier
    (The Impact of Pregnancy on U.S. Army Readiness)

    more at

    A Look Backward and Forward at American Professional Women and Their Families

    A simple Google search will return tons of like articles - and Google is a very biassed search engine.....
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