What Makes a High Quality Bullet Proof Vest?

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    Got any extra dealer samples just taking up space?:whistle:
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    No extra, but I have my samples including vests that were my going away present.
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    Yeah I did take the time to consider the type of vest that I needed. Right at the top was "STOP BULLET!"

    Hard armour I can WEAR (and actually move under my own power) that will stop a .50 AP at less than 2000 yards? I would love to see it! I will not say it isn't out there, but I would like to see it before buying. Or at 3000 yards, 4000 yards, 5000 yards....
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    The reality is, buy the best that you can. But the most important rule to follow, is to see the enemy before they see you. That alone could mitigate getting shot by a sniper at distance......

    Body armor should be insurance against the close range shooters......the rest is you moving and operating in the shadow's....Ranger rules should be adhered to amongst other fine practices.
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    Rogers' Rangers Standing Orders
    By Major Robert Rogers, 1759

    • Don't forget nothing.
    • Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds powder and ball, and be ready to march at a minute's warning.
    • When you're on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.
    • Tell the truth about what you see and do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don't never lie to a Ranger or officer.
    • Don't never take a chance you don't have to.
    • When we're on the march we march single file, far enough apart so one shot can't go through two men.
    • If we strike swamps, or soft ground, we spread out abreast, so it's hard to track us.
    • When we march, we keep moving till dark, so as to give the enemy the least possible chance at us.
    • When we camp, half the party stays awake while the other half sleeps.
    • If we take prisoners, we keep 'em separate til we have had time to examine them, so they can't cook up a story between 'em.
    • Don't ever march home the same way. Take a different route so you won't be ambushed.
    • No matter whether we travel in big parties or little ones, each party has to keep a scout 20 yards ahead, twenty yards on each flank and twenty yards in the rear, so the main body can't be surprised and wiped out.
    • Every night you'll be told where to meet if surrounded by a superior force.
    • Don't sit down to eat without posting sentries.
    • Don't sleep beyond dawn. Dawn's when the French and Indians attack.
    • Don't cross a river by a regular ford.
    • If somebody's trailing you, make a circle, come back onto your own tracks, and ambush the folks that aim to ambush you.
    • Don't stand up when the enemy's coming against you. Kneel down. Hide behind a tree.

    • Let the enemy come till he's almost close enough to touch. Then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.
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  7. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    You DO know that Roger's Rangers were BRITISH solders don't you? They were NOT Americans, but then America (USSA) did not exist at the time either.
  8. Yard Dart

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    The rules stand to this day and are the basis for any upstanding gentleman (I use that loosely) to carry as tactics in battle today, especially as scouting or guerrilla type activities.... who gives a rip if they originated as American/British forces.... they are truly American today!!

    Rogers' Rangers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  9. Tikka

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    Excellent point, during the Revolutionary War, some of Roger's Rangers fought with the British and others with the Patriots.

    A rather confusing history..
  10. Tikka

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    Watches used to say waterproof, now they say water resistant to this depth; IMO, the people who sell bullet proof vests ought to adopt the same level of honesty.

    @Troy brownrigg
    Well said, a vest only protects what hits it, not what hits the rest. The North Hollywood bank robbery illustrates that effectively. After countless rounds fired at the proverbial center of body mass; someone shot him in the leg. Take what is offered is a good policy.
    A good demonstration is measure the distance between bottom of the eyes and the top of the head. Then measure the same distance from the top of a melon, draw a thick line to mark the distance and set the melon out 200 meters.. If the shooter can hit the top of the melon; if the bottom is behind 30" of concrete, it really doesn't matter.
    In a SHTF world, there's not much chance of a call for a medic being answered and a dust off coming.

    Driving on I-85 in SC, I saw a large building with North American Rescue. As it was kind of a odd name, I was curious and when we got home, I checked on the internet.

    Armor in a bag: http://www.narescue.com/portal.aspx?CN=0E55F85B7343

    They sell a lot of other neat stuff also.
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  11. Legion489

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    Well I keep getting attacked and called names for pointing out words mean things and told there are no real meanings to words. They only mean what you want them to mean when you say them. Sort of like what the meaning of "is", is. Caliber and cartridge are NOT the same thing, although even the gun rags call them the same thing (actual title: "Best Calibers for Elk", then all they talk about is various cartridges, NOTHING about what calilber is best). Magazine/clip, etc. Legal and lawful are not the same either. The lamestream media calls any rifle, shotgun, handgun either an "assault rifle" (HEY STUPID! IT WAS A HANDGUN! OR KNIFE!) or a "tactical weapon" (Brownell's sells a "tactical" bottle opener that fits on your AR sling for crying out loud!) but that doesn't mean they are! Since the stupid, uninformed and willfully ignorant have long since taken over any semblance of correct usage of words and thought, we might as well get used to George Orwell being right. Poker anyone?
  12. Tikka

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    There are quite a few good calibers for elk. A bud uses 6.8 for elk.
    Although Jeff Cooper and Elmer Keith made a career out of it; the magazines don't want the grief... Or maybe they know they aren't Cooper or Keith's caliber? ;)

    The word tactical has been beat into the ground, tact-i-cool is more accurate.
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  13. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    Of course there are lots of great calibers for elk, I like .30 cal.
  14. Tikka

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    I grew up with .30 Cal and 30-06, its sporting version.

    Yes, there are a lot of excellent calibers for most game. It gives hunters something to argue about at deer camp.:ROFLMAO:
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  15. ghrit

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    (And on forums. Now, what about the vests under discussion?)
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  16. Tikka

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    I was answering @Legion489; I will refrain from that in the future.
  17. AD1

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    I carry one of their NAR TORK kit. It goes with me everywhere. I have agumented it with 3 extra pairs of gloves and additional Quick Clot package.
    BLK Tactical Operator Response Kit w/ Celox Gauze!

    Point-of-wounding IFAK for the Assault Vest or Body Armor
    The Tactical Operator Response Kit™ (TORK™) by North American Rescue® was designed to meet the needs of our customers for a compact individual first aid kit which carries all the necessary equipment to address the top leading causes of potentially preventable death in a tactical environment. The TORK™ contains essential life-saving equipment that can be used at the point of wounding for self-aid/buddy-aid to address injuries caused by penetrating or blast trauma. It’s sleek, compact size allows for easy attachment using MOLLE/PALS style connectors to the assault vest/body armor or NAR’s Quick Detach Panel (available for separate purchase). The TORK™ also has a Red-Tip Technology rapid opener for fast and easy, one-pull tab opening of the kit.

    Kit Contents:
    1. 1 x Bag (TORK™)
    2. 4 x Bear Claw Nitrile Glove, Lg. (2 pr.)
    3. 1 x Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F with Lubricant
    4. 1 x HyFin® Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack
    5. 1 x ARS® Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x 3.25 in.)
    6. 1 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®) Blk
    7. 1 x 5ft Z-Fold Celox Hemostatic Gauze
    8. 1 x S-Rolled Gauze™ (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
    9. 1 x ETD™ 6 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
    10. 1 x Trauma Shears (7.25 in.)
    11. 1x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
    1. Cased Closed: H 7 in. x W 4.5 in. x D 2.75 in.
    2. Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
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    Don't mean to be super patriotic, but good vests are usually local. These guys are the bomb at Gainseville, FL. check them out:
    American Armor
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