What Not To Do When You Find a Gun At School

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by UncleMorgan, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Someone found a gun on the ground at a school. It was picked up by a teacher, and a discharge resulted. Soooo...

    Here's a video by Andrew Hallinan (nationally famous for establishing his gun store as a Muslim-free zone) who is an all-around great guy and cooler than Popsicles on a propeller.

    He's made several videos and they are always a hoot. (Look up the one about bagging and tagging Jihadis. Har!)

    This video is a classic teaching-by-bad-examples treat. Perfect for kidz of all ages.

    Tutorial: What NOT to Do When You Find a Gun - Florida Gun Supply | Facebook
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    Good video, I think I would have put a for sale sign up too...lol. There is a gun shop up the road a bit from me that is in the same boat this guy is in a far as getting sued for beign a Muslim free zone. I never heard of this place until now, just doing a quick search and it made me think of that place not far from here.
  3. Bandit99

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    I took the time to view a couple of his videos. They are all well done and some funny. He seems honest and concerned. But, I don't think he can win this suit against him by C.A.I.R. for the Muslim free zone...just isn't going to happen. I understand what he is saying and I have made some changes myself since the terror attack in San Bernardino (basically changed to a gun with higher capacity mag and carry two extra mags now) but a Muslim free zone goes against the principles of this country so if one could do that then they could do the same thing for gender, race, sexual orientation even what party you vote for... I don't think he thought this through and what can be his defense? He is breaking the law. They will take everything he owns. .........just saw that the Headquarters for C.A.I.R is in Seattle, Wa...that's a bit close to home for me... I have often wondered if Palestine gives money to this and other organizations from the monies we give them? The ONLY good Islamic organization that I know is the 'American Islamic Forum for Democracy' (AIFD) chaired by a former US naval officer , a medical doctor who founded the organization after 9/11. They don't get enough play time...of course. But, back on point, he should pick his battles and fight those he can win because he already lost this one. - Rick
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    The days are long gone when the sign "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" actually meant anything.

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  5. ghrit

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    'No shoes, no shirt, no service" gone? Some lout will try to get dinner at Trader Vick's in Chicago to test that theory. (The threw me out when I was in dress blues, can't imagine the reaction to a surfer dude in flip flops.)
  6. Airtime

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    He could simply remove the muslim free zone sign and put one up that says "This is a Green establishment. Guns, knives, equipment and this facility are cleaned and lubricated with products containing natural ingredients including pork." Problem solved.
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    Oh, @Airtime I really like that Idea a WHOLE BUNCH...
  8. DarkLight

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    Burn a bacon scented candle in the store. EVERYBODY WINS!
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    If they continue with the smell of bacon cooking in the store, take a picture of them with a gun they purchased and have them fingerprinted. In doing so you can increase the price of the purchase to cover the cost of the picture, fingerprints and news article. With the information required by law that must be maintained by the seller, placing a short notice with their information and picture of them in the public newspaper should make them think twice before buying at your store.
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