What not to say after shooting an intruder

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    In the military one of my duties was training watchstander and security personell in the use of force and deadly force. I also included a wrap up speach that included what to do after shoot whether in the performance of their duties or at home or on the town.
    The following article is from Survivalblog.com . It is a thread called "after the shooting" by Tupreco. This is probably the best written text on the subject that I have ever read.
    I will not copy and paste it here due to possible copyright conflicts.
    I am not trying to divert or poach people to another website. My reason is above. I think everyone who handles or owns a firearm should be fully aware of this, and this is very well written. Link below;
    . http://survivalblog.com/2012/03/after-the-shooting-by-tupreco.html

    Note to admin and mods; if this is not permitted, please remove it immediately with my blessing and let me know. I do not want to run afoul of the COC.
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    There is some good info there, but depending on the state in which you live, much could be completely wrong. Know your state's regulations regarding what is required of you prior to finding yourself in such a situation. Some states require you retreat, others make no such rule. Is protecting your life all you may do, or are you allowed to protect your belongings as well? In your house, on your property, or anywhere you are legally permitted to be?

    There are so many different aspects that I will not try to cover them all...heck, that's your job :)

    But the post does bring out the need to do your homework before the hammer falls.
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  3. tacmotusn

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    Thank my lucky stars I live in a State which has the Castle Doctrine.
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    body ?
    What body?
    That's what the wood chipper and pigs are for.

    or was that the reason they were having a rib special down at the diner. (Fried Green Tomatoes iirc.)
  5. Who? OO that guy... he tripped over a bullet or three...
  6. Alpha Dog

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    I got one " Hey I told him if I caught him with my wife again I would kill him" Some info
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    If something happens that no one knowes about why say anything?
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    WV defense: He needed killin !!!!!
    Enough said !!
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  9. Just wondering... Do criminals make good chicken feed or will it upset there stomachs?OSB
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    Shut up.
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    “Officer, you will have my full cooperation after I have spoken with my attorney.

    I like this.
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  13. Alpha Dog

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    Never say we was drinking a few beers and he got mouthy and told me to shoot him. True story we had a guy shoot another in the head with a 357mag. The guy had bought the gun around 11am and was drinking beer and probally some pills involved. The guy being proud of his new S&W 357mag pulls it out and passes it around the fire. A few hours pass the goup goes to talking about the size of their man hood then an arugment started. The guy pulls his new 357 and the guy he is arguing wit put his head against the gun and tell him to go on pull the trigger you SOB. So the guy pulled the trigger and upon our arrival the guy told us he done nothing wrong he was on his property and him and some friends was drinking and had an argument. His friend told him to shoot him and when he called him an SOB that gave him the right to do so. Same guy argues with the juudge that if A man calls you and SOB then tells you to shoot him it not against the law. Open shut murder case I love how some people do my job for me.
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    When I was in the sticks I had repeated issues with night time trespassers. Sheriff told me after the 3rd call to shoot, bury the body, and don't bother callin us again.
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    I think I'd be really, really reluctant to follow that advice unless I had one of these (or something similar) in the shed, and maybe not even then.
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    LOL yeah I know. Doesn't matter now tho, that was pre-Castle Doctrine in Ohio.
  17. Silversnake

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    Do any other monkeys have personal experience or know of how well this organization follows through on their service?


    In short, it is an LLC by a non-practicing attorney, former police officer for firearms defense education and provides monetary grants for attorney fees if a member is involved in a shooting. I am unaffiliated with them, but I am considering membership. I would just like a track record for them before I drop membership dues on them.

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    What NOT to say after....

    "Damn, where the hell did HE come from? Wasn't even aiming that-a away"

    "Why did I shoot him 6 times? Hell, that was all the bullets I had..."

    "Was I in fear of my life? F*** No, I had a shotgun..."

    "Do I know this guy? Hang on, lemme look... Damn! You gonna need to do some of that DNA s*** on this guy - sorry"

    and on and on....
  19. Redneck Rebel

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    Because it is what the local police use and it has proven very effective against unarmed minorities....
  20. larryinalabama

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    If you stay wout of the hood at night, dont buy and sell drugs or women you will save yourself from most armed conflicts. Remember the one who takes a bullet can also be you.
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