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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. bnmb

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    What is this about now? What home grown terrorism???
    I have a funny feeling that this could pose as an excuse for putting pressure even on preppers and survivalists...
    Next thing, people will be recommended to look under their beds for "terrorists"...Geeeez!

    9/11 Commissioners Warn of Homegrown Terror - CBS News
  2. UGRev

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    America is a wonderful place but a strange place. If you live in a country that is universally the same, culture wise, then you would probably have a hard time understanding. We have pockets of people living in the USA that have imported their cultures and beliefs. You can see this manifestation in such things as "Little Italy" or "Little Mexico" areas of a city and in some cases.. ok.. a lot of cases.. you will notice that imported "society" is really not on board with the local standards of living.

    A lot of people come here to start over. A lot come here to get away but don't want to leave their "country" behind. A lot of people just don't care either way and think America owes them something. Somewhere in this mixture of people you find some people who are so indifferent that the actions of the country they've chosen to live in undermines those of the country they've escaped. This leads to animosity towards our country which breads a special type of person. The home grown terrorist.

    I think the name is really a misnomer. It's not that these types of people are home grown. They are still foreigners in many respects, having not made the decision to abandon what they came from in lieu of embracing the country's culture that they moved to. They are 'home grown' in the sense that their radicalism becomes inflamed here instead of abroad and then they end up leaving to continue on this road. But now they have a leg up on the "enemy" (us).. because they have lived amongst us and understand us better than they did before. That's dangerous.
  3. bnmb

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    How come it's always some sort of fear or paranoia in the US media? I mean, it must be terrible for people that don't know better to live their lives constantly in fear...I couldn't even imagine living like that...
  4. Ivan

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    well, the media is all privately owned and thus, dependent on ad revenue for financing. they want people scared because scared people watch the news more, meaning higher ratings and higher prices on the ads they sell.

    sure, they could be ethical and report facts that people need to know, but how are they gonna get those sweet sweet cappy profits that way?
  5. Penguin Zen

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    It really is media.. If they would have brushed over the Quran Burning and not blown it up It would not have drawn have of the attention it did. I was watching "Concealed and Carry School" this weekend and a statement made by one of the students blew my mind and if I understood her correctly she said 25 people went missing on cruise lines last year. WHERE is the media about that??
  6. bnmb

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    Somebody on this forum said once: "If it bleeds, it leads"...Obviously true for the media..
    But...it also gives media opportunity to program people, to fill them with propaganda, hate and fear...And I heard that only 5-6 people own almost all global media! Talking about monopoly...
  7. UGRev

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    The best lies are made of the most truth or the most known truth. If you want to brain wash the public, give them the truth or the most truth via a common medium (news papers, TV news). Then, after a generation and a half, you can simply start feeding them more and more bull****. Only a small minority will catch it at first and after 2.5 generations, it becomes the case of the people believing everything they read/see in the news to be truth or truth enough to satisfy them. After all, it was a trusted source for 2.5 generations.
  8. Brokor

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    Fear makes wise men fools.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Bad news and sensationalism sells - good news doesn't.....

    I haven't watched the BubeTube in about six months now - got over my Simpson's jones, and now I am much more stable. Only magazine I get is The American Rifleman (due to life member of NRA). Couldn't stomach the rags of the Left or the Right - both just pushing agendas.
    Online, if I see a headline that interests me, I check it out. Usually bounce around several sites to get a 'balanced' viewpoint.
    The sad thing is, often one needs to go to European news sources to get anything remotely resembling 'truth'. Our Media sold themselves cheap long ago.
  10. bnmb

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    Good point Seawolf...but I just don't understand how can there be "balanced views" to the truth? It's either true or a lie...Either good or bad...
    The statements often heard that nothing is black or white, but mostly gray only create the hell we're living in...balancing on the edge of the razor...
    Unless we see that there's no "gray" in truth, honesty and justice, we'll always be exploited by "gray" people with their sinister agenda's and their propagandist media...
    Tomorrow they can say that we are not animals, but not really human either, because we lost most of the things that made us human in the first place! Just like Adolf considered only the "Aryans" human, and all others beneath them...
    Is history repeating now? Did we miss somehow the holy arrival of the "New Aryans" in the form of NWO's? How long before concentration camps open for "protection and well-being" of the people?
    ...just not enough ammo...
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