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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Witch Doctor 01, Nov 23, 2016.

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    The days of buying Farm Pharm will soon be over. The law was recently changed./

    As of December 2016, a veterinarian will have to authorize any antibiotic use in the feed except for the ionophores (Rumensin, Bovatec, Catalyst), the bambermycins (Gainpro), bacitracin (BMD, Baciferm), and tiamulin (Denegard, used in swine). All other antibiotics used in the feed are classified as “medically important” (based off of importance in human medicine) and will require a veterinary feed directive (VFD), which requires knowledge of the client’s operation.”

    This means that a VFD will be required for any type of medicated feed containing a medically important antibiotic, including medicated milk replacer and even small quantities of feed for home-raised animals, such as show cattle. The details of what constitutes a “free choice feed” in a range situation are still being worked out, but it is clear that range mineral and range cubes will be included in the requirements. To buy any of the feed types (Type A, Type B, Type C), a producer will need a VFD to purchase the product. Type A feeds are the most concentrated forms of the drug and are designed to be incorporated in a premix before inclusion in a final ration. Type B feeds are premixes, which include the drug in a form ready to be incorporated into the final ration. Type C feeds are the final ration ready for feeding.

    In addition, all water antibiotics will require a prescription as of December 2016. Unless your local farm store wants to go through the process of becoming authorized to dispense drugs on the basis of a prescription, then these water soluble antibiotics will most likely disappear from their shelves. The same is true for medicated milk replacer and medicated feeds if they contain a medically important antibiotic.
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    Child proof caps.....:mad:

    Anything we stock has the outer child proof part of the cap removed right away.
    Can you imagine try to get into one of those things with one messed up hand? Or arthritic hands?

    I have used side cuts and pliers to remove the outer part making it a regular screw on cap but this video shows another way and what they look like after.

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    Do you know if this includes antibiotics for ornamental fish? Just curious and not trying to get around doing my own research, just that if you've already done it it seems silly to reinvent the wheel.
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    It's almost like the affordable car act for animals no you have to have a vet.
    Eh I'm close enough to Mexico to get pretty much any controlled substance I could ever dream of to include fish or horse antibiotics.
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    I lived on the US/Mexico border for years.

    Ask this - does Mexico have USP? Unless it's re-marketed US drugs, I'd be careful
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    I can still get my fishy biotics.
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    Colloidal Silver / Colloidal Silver Generator
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Bentonite Clay
    Manuka Honey
    Castor Oil (hexane free)
    RSO / CO2 oil
    Magnesium Oil
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    To me it depends on the skillset level, the AO, even the time of year in some cases but here is my basic five.
    bacitracin neomycin sulfate polymyxin-B sulfate= Triple antibiotic ointment
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Loperamide Hydrochloride=Imodium

    I'm no medical expert but I do sleep with one;) so I would suggest that folks purchasing items for their kits not to over look the generic brands at places like Dollar store, Sam's, Wally World ect. Same stuff for a lot less than name brand. The ointment mentioned above is a buck a tube at Dollar General for example, and can be ordered online and shipped to their store for free.
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    So I am fortunate enough to live where I can drive to Canada and get Acetaminophen, Caffeine and Codeine OTC all in one. Imodium, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aspirin and some others I can't remember.
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    According to Thomas Labs Pharmaceutical, they still sell fish meds without Rx
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    Keep your meds out of the heat, keep sealed and refrigerate if possible .
    people staying with me keep their meds in the refrigerator .
    I store several pain meds ,including the lists others have provided .
    Pain will be an issue that heathy or not ,injury will bring even the toughest man to his knees .
    My primary antibiotic is colloidal silver. virus or bacteria cannot become immune to it . I also have probiotics
    to replace what is neutralized in the digestion after taking colloidal silver . Foods like yogurt do the same, but post SHTF yogurt will be hard to come by.
    Foods like apple cider vinegar and honey and garlic ect...... the list is endless for alternative medicines, and they have no adverse side effects.
    Better sill is to have good eating habits and clean out your system with fresh foods ,let the liberals have all the stale junk food they can consume .
    There is training and materials available now for dealing with severe injuries like, breaks, severe cuts, burns, and gun shot wounds .
    Most trainings will guide you to prep the patient for transport to emergency medical facilities, but fact of the matter is post SHTF there will be no where to take the wounded unless your prepared with the facilities and training to deal with it, your self.
    This is where having refrigeration and ice really helps .
    I've used snow when I had it, but during the summer months I've used Ice to numb injuries so that they can be handled.
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