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    I've just recently gotten into podcasts (a by-product of reading 299 days). I knew nothing about them before this and I ignored them on purpose because I thought they were for techno-libs.

    It is a great way to spend the time wasted while driving to and from work.

    If you have an iPhone 4 and up, it has a Podcast icon on it and you can search and subscribe to what you want.

    I have a couple of Android tablets which I haven't really explored podcasts with. On my Kindle Fire, I have put the BeyondPod app. I can't really say it's as intuitive as the iPod app, so, I don't recommend it, but, it gets the job done.

    If you post up, give the name, URL, and something about it as to why you recommend it.

    Jack Spirko's The Survival Podcast (TSP)
    This is a great podcast with a lot of new information on every show. He also has Youtube content and a great website with a moderated forum. He doesn't subscribe to hyperbole of people like Alex Jones and is more calm and pragmatic to his approach. One note of caution: sometimes there is some foul language. I was listening to it in my truck and my kids were in the back and I had to stop because of the language (nothing harsh, just not appropriate for a 4 and 2 YO).

    Gun Dudes
    I learned of this podcast from listening to an interview of Glen Tate on TSP. I'll be honest, it took me about 4 podcasts to start liking this. In a nutshell, the 'Gun Dudes' are 4 or 5 UPS drivers in Salt Lake City who are gun fans. There is a lot of heavy banter between them in some episodes, to where you're thinking "please, just stop being immature and get on with the info." But, some shows are packed with good info and reviews of products and the other thing that you see time and time again (or show after show) is that they want to help educate the public about guns--not the in-your-face scare tactics of Alex Jones, but something more normal. So, give it a listen: episode 230 is a good place to start. Not all of the "dudes" are on (less banter) and it focuses mainly on Shot Show 2013.

    Gun Guy Radio
    This one sort of takes the same format as Gun Dudes, but has no political commentary. They just talk about guns. The information is good. I imagine it's a lot like going to a gun store in the midwest and just hanging out for an hour.

    EDIT: This guy, Jake, who also does the AR-15 podcast, called preppers "crazy" and "delusional." I don't really care for blanket statements like this. Let him know you are not crazy or delusional: jake@gunguyradio.com

    Canadian Reload Radio
    This is an interesting show because it gives you a different perspective on guns. These guys DON'T have a 2nd Amendment and they DID have a registry until recently and a bunch of regulations. A lot of the recent talk revolves around being able to get an AR, the holy grail of arms--but, they're from manufacturers you've never heard of because of the restrictions. These guys are Canadians, but, they truly understand the 2nd Amendment and want people to have guns. In addition to all of that, there is some good talk about reloading in there as well. Yep...they have funny accents too.
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    The Warrior's Ethos Podcast
    This is another Canadian podcast and is relatively new...fledgling you might say. I might check back in a few months, but, right now, I can only recommend the following episode:

    Episode 5 has an interview with Glen Tate (author of 299 Days). This interview gives the background on why "Glen" decided to write the book series. Many of you can probably relate to his life from sheep to prepper . . . . a life in the shadows.
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    AR15 podcast

    This is a podcast done by the same guy in Gun Guy Radio. This is a relatively new podcast also (there are only 5 as of this writing).

    It is about all things AR-15 and it is very informative. I started at #1 and went all the way through them. I kept a notebook and now have many things to research.

    On show #10, Jake characterized all preppers as "crazy" and "delusional." Therefore, I cannot recommend this show any longer. I'm sure there are some preppers who are batsh!t crazy, but from what I've seen on this board in the last 3 years, you folks are quite sane. Let him know you are not crazy or delusional. jake@ar15podcast.com
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    I highly recommend everyone to listen to Spirko's 'Episode 1043' on 'The Reality of Violence.'

    This made me think about things in ways I never contemplated before. I'm going to have to go through this one a couple of times.

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