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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hartage, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. hartage

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    Well it seems after all the posturing here and gloating on how a handgun was used to defeat a rifle it appears the bad guy was using a handgun.

    It was a handgun vs handgun confrontation.

    I'm not knocking the lady, she has balls on her and saved lives. She was lucky though that she was not facing the AR. The person that took most of the risk and in my eyes the one that REALLY stuck his neck out was the guy shouting to be the target. I can't imagine the balls it must have took to challenge a guy with an AR to shoot you and you are unarmed. Hats of to him and his granite balls.
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    ???, link to the report, article?

    Then you say that???

    Pardon me for being confused...

  3. hartage

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    The guy that took the major risk of being the target when the badguy was using the AR was Mr. Bourbonnais. By the time the gal Jeanne Assam was in the line of fire of the badguy the badguy was using a pistol. I'm not contesting the bravery of either person. Just that the shootout with the badguy was not rifle vs pistol but pistol vs pistol.

    The link to the thread is here http://www.survivalmonkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7966

    " The wolf turned a handgun on the approaching sheepdog. He managed to fire off three shots. Jeanne Assam responded with conviction and courageous determination "
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    Acctualy based on the reports I have seen he only fired one shot from his handgun and that was the one to end his own life after she had shot him. Even if he did draw the handgun when he turned on her he still had the rifle and based on standard mag sizes and the number of rounds I understand he had fired, he still had a loaded AR and so he was still armed with a rifle, he just ALSO had a couple of handguns. So regardless it still holds true that an armed nut case went inobviously intending to take out as many people as possible before someone stopped him and that simply happened a lot sooner than he expected (based on the reports he had 3 weapons on him and another in his car and over 1000 rounds of ammo on him and fired 1 handgun 1 time and the rifle IIRC something like 15 times) because a private citizen with a CCW (she was a PART TIME VOLUNTEER security person and had been a cop for a few months a decade or so ago) came around the corner and even gave him warning before opening fire on him and dropped him.

    There was also an interview with a guy who was at the mall shooting about 25-30 yards from the shooter with a perfect shot and who has taken his class for CCW andsimply hadnt gotten the permit yet because of the GFZs all over and mentioned that it was his first thought when he saw the shooter broadside at that range, that IF HE AHD HIS GUN he had a perfect shot. There was a comment from another man who normaly DOSE carry but was on lunch break and worked in the mall who was at about 15 yards and behind the shooter. So yeah, handguns IF PRESENT can easily end these type of situations and I dont care if the idiot attacking has a chain gun, he's out numbered if the good guys arent prohibited on top of stigmatised to carry.
  5. hartage

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    Yeah, he was intending to do a whole lot of wrong. The two people that stopped him at the risk of their own lives are heros and did prevent further bloodshed.

    Some people here were making it sound like he had an AR shooting at her and with a "mere" pistol she assaulted a rifle defended position. That simply is not the case. Yes he did have other guns including rifles with him. Thank God his choice to defend against her assault was another pistol. Had he leveled the AR at her the outcome might be completely different. I would hate for him to not be stopped when he was.
  6. Tango3

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    o.k. Doesnt matter.
    either way: Shegot a well placed round off first.from her "projectile launcher".NORIFLECOMES Packaged with MOJO! he could a been armed with an RPG! She hit the"firstest with the mostest".hes d-e-a-d
    with his fancy rifle under him.
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    Yep. Suprior firepower dosen't put a force field around you. :rolleyes:

  8. Minuteman

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    Another facet of this that is being overlooked is the reports that she hit him "many times" yet it was his bullet that ended his life.
    As H said, I don't mean to demean her bravery in any way, but it seems that a great deal of luck, or divine providence, was on her side.
    What if he had of been jacked up on drugs and had of remained upright and firing?

    Does anyone know what caliber of pistol she was using?
  9. ghrit

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    The measure of success in this, as in all things, is the results. Good guy, 1. Bad Guy, 0, and it makes no never mind who's physical hand did the deed. God had a "hand" in it, rest assured. We have choices, and his hand helps or hinders the choice. And I'm not overly religious, just a believer. Nuff sed on that subject.

    I think I saw it said it was 9mm, not sure.
  10. hartage

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    I read it was a 9mm one of the shoot-them-now-kill-them-later rounds. Personally I prefer rounds with a little faster response time. If I mean to shoot someone I prefer they are incapacitated sooner than later. Nothing ruins a day quite like return fire.
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