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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by irish, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. irish

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    Hello guys new so this ahave been Answered before . I have a small stash of 90% silver coin and want to add to them . What type of coins should I buy,us dimes ,quarters ,half or what ? Because of cost Morgan and peace dollars are out of my price range.
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    Question is, what have you put up in tangables, gold and siver are fine for long term investments, but you can't use these types of commodities as ammo, food, band aids, or shelter. All tangibles should always come first, then get as much solid investment commodies as possible. As for you original question, if you want long term investment then go with coinage, if you want to use for barter down the road then go with bullion. Hope this helps a bit.
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    I'm with RouteClearence on this one. But with the recent near vertical decline of silver the only thing you can buy from many of the reputable online dealers is 90% and golddealer.com is only allowing $1K Face so unless you've got $13K sitting around go buy something that feeds you (and loved ones if you've got 'em).
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    Don't buy silver.

    Buy what you would use the silver to get when your greenbacks aren't any good.

    Use the cash while you still can to buy canned goods, bulk grains (oatmeal & rice), oil, gasoline, over the counter medicines, ammo, quality boots etc.
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    Get your staples (beans, bullets, and band-aids) first. If you still have a little money left over, head to eBay. With some searching, you can find single rolls of 1964 or earlier 90% silver US dimes and quarters at current spot pricing for melt value. It takes some digging and patience, but it's out there. For some reason Silver American Eagles and half dollars seem to go at a premium. Are they worth it? Not to me...
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    Ebay silver and gold sales run at pretty high premiums. I've seen silver spot at 17 and going for 23 + 5 shipping on Ebay. I can't believe people pay this.
    Try your local coin shop, no shipping fees.

    Also APMEX.com
    and Redford jewelry and coin (google it)

    Don;t waste $ on the "COLLECTOR" value this is why bullion bars and rounds are preferable. Also make sure they have the PURITY imprinted on them.
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    I agree with some of the other advice given above: first buy your staples...MH foods, MREs, etc. Don't forget guns, ammo and their assesories. Then look at siver coins. When you get to the coins, go for dimes, quarters, half-dollars and then look at the dollars. The one-ounce walking liberty dollars are really good to have if you can find a good price on them.

    The advantage to having small silver coins is that you won't overpay when you barter. If you have a one once silver dollar and the cost of the item you want is valued at half an once, you are going to over-pay if the seller does not have change to give you.
  8. BAT1

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    Food, water, ammo and pay down the bills. You can't eat or drink gold or silver, Will gold buy you food and water that is not to be found?
  9. Mule

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    Gold and Silver are for the optimist

    Food, water, and ammo is for the pessimist

    Buy according to your convictions

  10. Jonas Parker

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    Gold, silver, food, water, and ammo are all for the realist.

  11. Mule

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    Somehow I do not think that "reality" exist on this forum--------
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    Speculation, yes--------

    Reality, I doubt it

    Pessimism, most assuredly

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