What Should I Look For in a Carry Firearm?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by PocketWarmer, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. PocketWarmer

    PocketWarmer Monkey

    I was wondering what advice anyone could give me on picking a CC gun. My concern is how important is the weight and length when carrying, and how most people prefer to conceal them in warm weather. Also if anyone had any suggestions on a Brand or Model that they prefer. I know how to operate a handgun safely so that is not a concern.

    A little background on why I want to carry......... (Feel free to just say TL: DR)

    I never really thought I would need to carry because I live in a small town with a low violent crime rate, until today. I was walking out to my car at around midnight last night and seen a man breathing very heavily and laying in the road. Being that I live in a small town I immediately thought the person was hurt and approached him. The man then stood up, growled at me, and charged me faster than I have ever seen a human run. I responded by punching this person as hard as I could (and I'm a pretty big guy). The punch spun the crazed man’s head to the side but other than that didn't even faze him, he then tried to bite me and scratch me. I was lucky because the guy was very small so I was able to push him off me and retreat into my house. After grabbing my 12 gauge and calling the cops I went back outside, the guy was standing about 40 yards away growling at me, getting ready to charge again. I pumped a shell into the shotgun and the guy took off running into a river.

    The reason I want to carry is because I never want to feel as defenseless as I did when the guy just shrugged off my punch and tried to maul me.
  2. TnAndy

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    Clearly you need a "zombie special".....:lol:
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  3. CATO

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    You should get a sword and a dog.
  4. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Zombie!!! the virus is spreading, Has anyone else found it strange that the first media report of the virus was the naked man in Florida. Gator did seemed shocked I think Gator is a mad mad doctor who created the virus. He created it in hopes to help more people understand the goverments point of view. Because a zombie and an idiot have a lot of the same traits. Both wonder around aimless and mindless, both drool and groan to the point they can't be understood, both have the odor of $h!t following them where ever they go, last but not least they both live on the tax payers dollar. I got my eye on you Gator you no matter how much you believe you can't fix stupid by sending a zombie army to destroy it(lol)

    P.W. there are alot of firearms out there and my advise to you is don't jump on the first one you come to. Make a list of the top five you like research them shoot them then make a list of what you want from you CCW. Don't try to save by taking and cutting corners buying a less exspensive CCW. Reason is on the range practice you can correct a failure but when the need for your CCW comes you won't have that time. Trying to make that time could cost your life, I carry a Glock 26 9mm or a Glock 30 45ACP Sig make a nice 380 and 9mm compact. This is something you will have to decide just because Glock works for me don't mean it does for someone else. Example I hate the XD's when on the range I loose 10 to 15 points with the XD. With my Glock I always qualify 90 to 95% now dose that make the XD a bad gun no it just dont fit me. Your CCW souldn't be a tool it should be an extention of your had, you need to know it's strong points and weak points, you should know every scratch and scuff on it. Make sure you should shoot your CCW more than any other fire arm choose one you like to shoot. If you don't like to shoot it you won't which means you won't be effective with it. That is just as dangerous as not having a CCW if not more dangerous. I alway tell peole I think in to days world it takes a fool not to carry. I would rather tell people I carried a CCW for 50 years and never needed it. Rather than live wondering what if I had it or God I could have prevented this if I had it. Another thing to remember you holster is just as important as the weapon because yu could have the best weapon and be the best shot in the world. If you can't get to your weapon and enguage the threat you and your gun both are usless. I have three holster I use one is a pocket holster, one is a Black Hawlk Serpa and the one I wear the most is a ankle holster. Practice on the range with your CCW holster in different situation every time you practice use the CCW holster draw from your holster don't use the shooters table or just hold the weapon in your hands. Use the holster. As for cal. I would suggest nothing under a 380ACP if this is your first hand gun and only CCW weapon I would goe with 9mm and up if you choose a revolver 38spl to 44spl. two last thing and I'll stop rambeling never dry fire a gun in the shop the gun dealers frown on it and consider it disrespectful.
    Last and one of the most important never put 100% faith in your CCW stopping the threat sometimes it don't always be prepared to go hands on. Like the guy you was talking about I have seen small 100lb men and wemon that take several officers to control wheater it be from drugs or a mental condition. I have seen officers hurt and killed because they thought I got a gun and I shot the bad guy. After they empty the mag and the suspect has been hit the suspect still hurts or kills them. Reason for that is everyone thinks well I shoot this bad guy he falls and he is dead. They never plan past boom Im safe then when things don't go that way they are taken by surprise while their mind is still trying to process it. always plan for the impossible that way you dont have to process it you just do it.

    Have fun looking and then have one he!! if a time shooting
  5. Seacowboys

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    The advice that Alphadog gave you just about sums it up.
  6. Gator 45/70

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    You can create your own Zombie's by injecting them with a mixture of Gator/Nutria/Loupe'Ga'ru blood....

    I'm not going to post the exact recipe...However it can be had for a small fee...

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  7. oldawg

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    Gator that must be a local favorite as I have personally seen Many a zombie sunday mornings around.....oh say........... Opelousas![stirpot]
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  8. BTPost

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    He wasn't REALLY a Zombie, in the true sense of the word..... Simply because, when he saw you rack the action on the Shotgun, he knew the "Jig was Up" and split, "Faster than the Wind on a Nasty Day"... This shows Rational Thought, which REAL Zombies can not do..... but I hear you, about feeling helpless.... Did you "Swear out an Assault Complaint" with the local LEOs? Did they find the guy? Inquiring Minds want to know..... ..... YMMV.....
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  9. Gator 45/70

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    Plenty zombie's Sunday morning around the camp...

    and they think their going to get in a stand...I laugh at them...lol (y)

  10. Gator 45/70

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    To the O.P.

    What state...we just had one local that bite another man's face...
    Car jacked some woman and stole a pistol...Ring a bell ?
  11. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    First thing to look for in a CCW is one that you are willing to carry... buying one that you won't carry due to weight, imprinting, inability to conceal is a waste of money... ( well maybe not as a gun is an investment :D )... IMHO it's better to have something that you will carry regardless of the calibre than to need one only to have left it on the dresser...

    Regardless of calibre it is important to remember that situational awareness is worth more that a gun in most cases...

    If you can avoid using your weapon you are way ahead of the game...

    and secondly many folks with a CCW fail to remember that most badguys don't follow the law and you may be vastly outgunned...

    better to go small and know that everyone prolly has you outgunned than to go unarmed... or worse armed into an area that you have no business goiing into just because you are armed...

    YMMV but remember I told ya so...
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  12. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    When I look for a concealable Weapon, my very FIRST Criteria is, "Does it fit in my hand, like a well worn Glove" Second, Just how am I going to conceal it on my person. What kind of holster, will facilitate a viable Concealed Carry. Shoulder Holster, small of the Back, Outside Beltline, Inside Beltline, just what feels comfortable, for 90% of your walking around dress. For "Me" it is my Browning HiPower in 9MM, carried in an UnderArm Shoulder Holster, that I had custom made. Not fancy but has served me well for 35 years. When I carry, I ALWAYS wear a Jacket, either for weather, or a Sport Jacket if I am dressed Up. ..... YMMV....[peep]
  13. fedorthedog

    fedorthedog Monkey+++

    I carry a gun every day, every where, My wardrobe is built around concealing my hand gun. Like cloths a pistol needs to fit what you will be doing that day. I have several to "accessorize" my outfits.

    I carry a sw 6906 when I feel I may need the capacity and caliber, like if I got to Tacoma or Portland. I have a PPKS for daily what every and a Kletec 32 that goes in my jeans pocket. There is also a glock 45 and on the belt holster when I really need to feel secure. The point is as with many things one size fits all doesn't. Asses what you think you will be doing and get a variety to meet the need. At a minim one larger one small easy to hide. Remember there may be a time you want to carry both.
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  14. The problem is that I do not know where you live, how you dress, how you work, where you go.

    As a generic suggestion for a weapon, carry the most powerful one that you are willing to carry with you 24/7 and capable of concealing.

    I carry a 1911 chambered in .45acp. I am capable of making one hand (not the fancy weaver or isocolese two hand style) point shots at ten yards and striking a tin can with every shot from a holstered draw. (If someone is closing distance with you there are techniques to draw and fire while using the off hand to help control the movement of the attacker.)

    If your experience and commitment are sufficient to practice then a semi auto in a .45 acp is my suggestion. If weight bothers you then one of those plastic guns in .45 acp such as a glock 30 might suit you. (I am convinced that John Moses Browning got self defense handguns right with the 1911)

    If you are not as willing to practice (no practice is a waste of owning a firearm, you absolutely must be capable of performing the combat manual of arms to draw, fire and strike your target or a base ball bat will serve you better.) However a more idiot proof / less likely to malfunction esp. when used under stress would be a double action revolver. (The ones that use full moon clips of .45 acp would be my preference, although nothing is wrong with .44 special, .44 mag or .41 mag. Also .45 long colt is a excellent choice.)

    If you take time to look for the pdf by fairbairn on point shooting and the shangai police department you will see my preferred method of combat shooting.

    here is a link to the pdf.

    I believe a self defense hand gun should be in a caliber .41 or larger. Opinions differ on this and the federal 125 grain hollowpoing .357 mag is supposed to have one of the best one shot stops records. I will stick with my big bores.

    Understanding that one uses a self defense weapon neither to wound or to kill but to STOP a threat is one of the first things in choosing such a weapon. Essentially it serves similar purpose to the "stopping rifles" used against dangerous game such as bears that may charge you and need to be stopped in their tracks.

    No handgun is actually reliable in this catagory unless one manages to strike either the spinal cord or the brain.

    with the advent of more body armor I have altered my shooting drill from two to the chest one to the head to

    one to the pelvic girdle one to the chest one to the head.

    This too is a point of debate.

    Accuracy with your weapon is more important than anything else. Even a .22LR that strikes the head and enters the brain will shut down someone pretty fast. All things considered bigger is better IMHO.

    So suggestions:

    semi auto :

    1911 in .45 acp or perhaps a glock in .45 acp if weight is an issue. The glock 30 is smaller and more concealable and still give you 10 rounds of .45 acp. Pay attention to fit, this is a thick grip compared to others and may or may not suit your hands.

    Revolvers: (calibers in order of my preference: .45 acp / .45 long colt; .44 mag / .44 special; .41 mag; .357 mag / 38 speical +p ammo only. These are self defense use, other uses allow other calibers and I may have missed some more esoteric ones that would serve.)

    Smith & Wesson revolvers double action
    Ruger revolvers double action
    Colt revolver double action.

    For less expensive, and perhaps less quality (still some debate on many of these)
    Tarus revolvers double action
    Charter arms revolvers double action
    maybe Rossi, but large debate.

    So there you have my opinions and some rambles. Remember you asked and I offered, but opinions are like armpits, we all have a couple, sometime the stink.

    Remember that it isn't the bow, it is usually the indian that makes the difference in self defense, or in fact any type of shooting.

    Be sure you learn how to use and master your weapons. You owe it to both yourself and any other.

    Tactics, strategy and proper planning help more than all the guns in the world to avoid trouble. When trouble comes however, a handgun is the one weapon you can have with you at all times.

    Should you know a gunfight is coming the options are:

    1. Best choice: Don't be or go there.
    2. Take a rifle and bring friends also armed. (I know I know a tank or flame throwers and all the other stuff, but I'm just doing individual weapons here)
    3. Worst case still having a fire arm is a handgun, however, the handgun is the one you can and should always have with you and that offers both instant deployability and a means of fighting your way to a long gun.

    Do not rely on unreliable tools, ask yourself how much your life and the life of your loved ones is worth and choose accordingly.

    BTW, The shotgun when you walk outside is better than any handgun at home. Perhaps put a mount over the top of the door and keep one handy?

    Being master of any tool is the most important key, and do not be surprised if over time the tools you prefer change as you gain more knowledge of what fits your wants needs and abilities.


    Sorry for the ramble, but I felt the need to data dump this post for some unexplainable reason.
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  15. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    Sig 239


    Subcompact Springfield XD 45 aka Micro 45
  16. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Now if it was me...I would carry perhap's a Ruger S.P.101...

    Can be loaded up to and including .357 Velociraptor boolits

    Not mine...Generic pict.

    Ruger SP 101 003.JPG
  17. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Well, folks, the OP hasn't been back since the first post. This subject has been cussed and discussed almost as often here and on as many forums as the Chevy/Ford/Dodge arguments. So, to save some more time and effort, this thread is locked. OP can PM any mod or admin to have it re-opened if desired.

    Thanks to all that have contributed.
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