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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ChrisNuttall, Dec 21, 2011.

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    I’m not actually sure what’s been wrong with me over the last two-three days. I’ve been listless and lethargic, which is (pardon my French) a bloody nuisance. And I honestly cannot decide what to write next. So…here’s your chance to choose.

    Option One is Dauntless, set in the same universe as The Oncoming Storm. The hero of the story, having been dismissed from the RAN after disobeying orders in the face of the enemy, is hired to set up and command a small space navy for a newly-settled world in a sector that is being raided by pirates. But he doesn’t know that the Theocracy has its own plans for the world, plans that will force him to take an utterly outgunned squadron right into the teeth of enemy fire.

    Option Two is Alexander’s Revenge, set in what I’m inclined to call the Carnifex universe (with apologies to Tom Kratman, who has allowed me to use it as a series title). Alexander’s father, a highly-successful businessman operating during the twilight of empire, has been murdered by pirates, pirates who may have been backed by shadowy forces who are plotting to tear the empire apart. Alexander decides to build his own military force to extract revenge on the pirates, eventually finding himself a key player in the wars of succession when the empire finally collapses in on itself.

    So…place your votes here. The most votes will determine the next book.

    Which one do you want?

    And if anyone would like a cameo, please let me know. No promises, mind. I might just kill you off in a humiliating manner.

  2. wrs987

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    My vote is for "Dauntless".
  3. rgkeller

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    More Kat
  4. Mudinyeri

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    I'm not big on "space" fiction, but I like the premise of Dauntless.
  5. ChrisNuttall

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    Its not Kat. A different hero. This is partly because of the overall story arc.

  6. ghrit

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    Flip a damn coin and start writing!!!
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  7. Sapper John

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  8. kom78

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    I'll vote for dauntless too, loved the snippet for it, and as always, thanks Chris.
    P.S was there a 3rd patriotic treason?
  9. mysterymet

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    Why not Kat?
  10. rgkeller

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    We want Kat
  11. STANGF150

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    Whut He said^ [bestpost]
  12. ChrisNuttall

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    There isn't a 3rd book in the series. If you liked them, please review them on Amazon and Smashwords.

    It's a long story (and most of it is classified ;))

    When I started working on the plot that eventually turned into the Falcone Saga, I had a historical person in mind as a very basic model (no, not Nelson, Nimtz or any other naval hero). I would actually be extremely impressed if anyone managed to guess it from The Oncoming Storm alone.

    Anyway, my idea was that Kat would have a counterpart for various reasons that will become clear by Book4 or thereabouts. At first, I intended her XO to serve as that person, but he insisted that he liked Kat too much. (It's always a pain when the characters get their own ideas about where they should go.) So the hero of Dauntless will be a different person from Kat and as the saga unfolds, will end up as her counterpart.

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  14. ChrisNuttall

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    Dauntless will be starting tomorrow, all being well.

    And comments on my blog would be nice...;)
  15. mysterymet

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    How about a small Kat cameo appearance?
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  16. ChrisNuttall

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    Maybe. But they're in different parts of the galaxy...

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