What the heck are "RF Hunters" ?

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by dragonfly, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. dragonfly

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    Ok, so what is this then?
    I mean I get the basic concept, you'll all be hunted down and trashed and your gear, food, water, and women will be taken.....Because you used your radio?

    Now, with that said has anyone have any IDEA of what the heck this is referring to? This is from a site I was just referred to, and I was a bit taken aback by this one....
    "In the event of a national emergency of any sort you can safely make use of the FRS for several weeks until such time as the available food and supplies begin to run out at which time RF hunters will begin searching for individuals to victimize. These searches will be conducted mostly on the FRS/CB frequencies since they are limited in numbers and often used."
    Now,.... back in the mid 70's, I used to "make" certain devices, we called them "snoop-loops", that could easily triangulate your position and a group of 2 teams or more, could locate you in mere minutes. However, You have to be able to read a compass, and a map. Usually, it was 3 persons to a search and rescue group I was in.

    It works, I know, it's been done on several occasions.

    1) a man transmitted a false emergency signal, that he was trapped in a burning vehicle. ( He won't do that again).

    2) a female claimed she was being chased by 2 men through a park and they were intent on raping her. (we really messed up that darned golf course! She,.... went to jail)

    3) 1 individual was running somewhere around 1,500 watts on cb band.
    (He was found, on a military base, and he was arrested, and all equipment was confiscated by the authorities, FCC)

    So, is there a piece of equipment out there as sensitive as we had, or is this person making reference to watching the little leds light up in a row, to observe power/rf strength values?
    Sounds just a tad "out there", to me........
  2. dragonfly

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    I don't even get the part where HE says: "CB's and FRS radios are limited in numbers and often used"
    Isn't that what we used to refer to as an oxymoron?
    Maybe I need some caffeine?
  3. Jonas Parker

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    My take on this is a group "bugged-in" would be much better going "hardwire" with field telephones rather than relying on CB or other radio gear. Of course this doesn't apply to when you're in a vehicle...
  4. BigO01

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    Try the caffeine LOL .

    He means that the frequencies these FRS radios work on are limited in numbers yet they are very popular and widely in use by many people .

    Actually with the all of the Cell Phones out with walkie talky features I don't think this is all that true now .

    Guys another internet Commando that makes assumptions and posts without thinking any of them through for a moment .

    Most FRS radios will transmit and receive from several hundred yards off and even with the electronic clutter in a city will reach 3-500 hundred yards .

    While he states they will be searching for individuals you don't talk to yourself now do you ?
    For those stuck in the burbs or a semirural area the FRS's are ideal as you can set up a perimeter of those 3-500 yards and have several spotters , radio monitors among many families all ready to respond to each others needs all within minutes due to the short range of them .

    While a so called "Hunter" may find out where your home is he would have no idea how many patrols you have out or their size and strength and could very well find the tables turned on them if they thought zeroing in on a signal was a easy way to a free meal .

    The chances of being located can also be reduced by simply coming up with a series of short codes to relay information rather than carrying on a full blown conversation over the air .

    Things as simple as a ID code like N1 ,S1 ,W1 , E1 meaning the direction of the entrance to the subdivision combined with an "all clear" or "movement spotted" at 1 hour intervals wouldn't give a hunter much time to zero in on anything . This could also be lessoned with a plan for after a movement spotted transmission to a switch to a different frequency or even form of communication like sending a runner to get more information of using a signal mirror in the daytime .
  5. monkeyman

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    Another problem I see with the idea is that, while its not outside the realm of possibilities to happen here and there, it seems a bit unlikely to me that there would be all that many folks 'prepairing' by getting equiptment to triangulate radio signals so they could 'hunt' others by their radio transmissions (especialy since a bit of thinking would likely tell them that if a person/group is prepaired enouph to keep power to run radios, have the radios, people to comm with and enouph supplies to be worth the trouble they are probably prepaired to defend them from a fortified position) then they would most likely simply stock up their own stuff. Beyond that not to many folks have the equiptment or knowledge to triangulate signals and when supplies get slim I would venture to say that they would have some dificulty getting all the stuff to build them then.

    So in short, while it may be a valid point that lots of unneeded chat over air waves might not be the best idea (especialy since others could simply listen and gather info on you to make you more vulnerable) I dont think that comms for needed exchange of info is even close to the top of the list of things likely to draw unwanted attention and get you attacked. Now big ham type antenas MAY attract a bit of attention and raise curiosity if highly visible but thats not from the signal.
  6. monkeyman

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    I guess I could also add that if its a situation where the .gov is trying to round every one up in the area/region and you were trying to hide out then thats a diferent ball game but my above thoughts were in reguards to trying to avoid the attention of non-gov MZBs.
  7. dragonfly

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    That's my thoughts on it too.....
    I figure there will be hundreds of radio signals, or maybe, none at all.
    Either or, I was not too worried about having the zombies come and get me.
    Now, I'd be a bit worried, IF, I was running power and then the feds may become interested in who had power and where they were, etc.
    Most people I know, will stay pretty well concealed for the most part, and NOT attempt to venture out far from their areas they feel secure in.
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  8. vonslob

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    I believe the Germans during WWII used something to locate people listening to certain banned frequencies. Maybe that is what the deal is.
  9. BTPost

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    Old thread, talking about OLD Technology. With modern Scanners, and Spectrum Analyzers, it is a trivial undertaking to DF a FRS/GMRS Source, as well as a CB Source, these days. That is why we Monkeys are using the SECURE Phones for MonkeyNet Comms in the local AoO. If you go to the Blogs at the bottom of the Main Page, I wrote a Big Blog on these units. They are Cheap, easy to use, and very Rugged. They have about the same range as an FRS ONLY, Radio, and they are Spread Spectrum Digital Radios. Can't be DF'ed, or Scanned, without a complete Truck full of very expensive Gear.

    An Interesting, SECURE, Comm's Device, for your CN-AoO

    Even @Brokor uses, and likes them, and that takes to real doing.....
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