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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Here's a link toa pretty good thread on the latoc board (financial doom) but it is about the physical preps(stores) taken by one of the financial mods (rdenner) with pictures..Who left a job to stay home andbuild up some stores He;'s not as self sufficiernt as our own lead primates (imho) S. C. and OGM; but the pictures show what can be done in a suburban or apt situation..
    http://www.doomers.us/forum2/index.php/topic,42930.0.html [beer]
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    He must just be preparing for a family weekend outing in the back yard ,but he'll have plenty of water !!!
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    Looks like a good well rounded start. I like his well set up, but I am not sure about his high dollar ice maker. I like the little generator he bought, and would use the little genny to run the freezer/refrigerator, and if it was kaput I would just use a AC/DC converter and run the freezer/refrigerator off of a vehicle. I like the greenhouse he put together, went to their website and took a look at it. I have a friend who built one a little larger for a little less money, but I am sure the kit would be easy to put together. It appears as though his canned goods are woefully short in supply, I think the $680 he spent on his little ice-maker would have been better spent on building up the canned goods and long term food supply. Just my opinion though. I like how he is concentrating on all of the different aspects. That being said, I sure would have put more emphasis on canned goods and long term food sources to begin with.
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    the "TANGOBOT" has been extremely active lately. Perhaps some virus has infected the TANGOBOT to the point that the TANGOBOT is no longer capable of BOT control. This is a classic case of overactive TANGOBOT...if there was only a Depends for such a case!
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