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    I am agnostic, but think about God more than I think someone who is agnostic is allowed. For a long time, I've believe that regardless of beliefs--agnostic or smug, commie-atheist, if you lived your life according to the 10 Commandments (in a non-believer's case, 7 commandments), the Golden Rule, and subscribed to the Puritan work ethic, you're at least pulling your share in the world. (Yes...I know what the Bible says about people like me...not really looking to debate the issue)

    I ran across this and thought I would share. I like Prager and try to read all of his columns. I think he's right on the money here. I think if you look at the percentage of people over time who are liberal and the percentage who are flat-out atheists, they would track well and have been increasing since the 60s (i.e., they're highly correlated)--I have no evidence to back this correlation up, but it makes logical sense (see Gallup link).

    Religion in America: Who Has None?

    I'm just going to link to the URL because the words are copyrighted.

    This is only solution to world's problems
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    We all have free will. Along with that comes accountability. To each his own. I will pray for you and many others, but who truly knows if that will be enough? [dunno]
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    GOD KNOWS, but it is up to each of US, to figure it out for ourselves...... Or we could be sheeple, and let some Preacher Type tell us what to think... ..... YMMV.....
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