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    DeStefano wants voting rights for illegal residents

    Updated: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011, 9:05 PM EST
    Published : Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011, 7:20 PM EST
    New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) - The debate over illegal immigration in New Haven has people fired up, as Mayor DeStefano wants voting rights for illegal residents in the city.
    The Mayor sat down with News 8's Jamie Muro to explain his reasoning behind letting undocumented residents cast their votes in municipal elections.
    DeStefano says the 26th amendment, which states that U.S. citizens have the right to vote applies only to federal elections, not local.
    "I think we also should remember that the same document, for a long period of time, precluded women, and African Americans from voting," DeStefano said. "And Americans had a more expansive view of what it meant to belong to a community. So for those that cite it, that applies to federal elections, and federal government is fine to make its own decisions. I'm just talking about our corner of the world. There are people who belong, in large numbers, to this community, who are members of the community, and I don't see an issue, as other communities around the United States have done, giving them a say about what happens in the place in which they live and pay their taxes, and have been good neighbors."
    DeStefano plans to propose this to the state legislature in their next legislative session.

    Governor Malloy said Wednesday that he's not comfortable with the idea and that voting is a privilege that comes with citizenship.

    I wonder what he's been smoking....
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    No need to give them voting rights so long as people remain opposed to showing ID to vote. The sheeple are willing to trade rights and privacy for a false sense of security everyday, but when it comes to something that really matters like the integrity of our elections OH HELL NO! I'm not showing no stinkin ID
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    voting isnt a privlige, its a right that comes with citizenship. f*****g morons. If someone is an illegal alien then they dont pay taxes. they may live and work in a community but because they are undocumented and dont want to leave a trail, they dont pay taxes. You have to be a citizen to vote....that simple.
    He only want the vote for illegals so he can pander to them and get thier vote in the elections....
    now i will pissed off the whole day.....crap.
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