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    Just read through that, good stuff most people here probably already know but I enjoyed. Especially the part indicating how thick materials need to be to shield from radiation. Makes me feel better knowing my basement walls are 10" thick. I'd like to find a spec for glass windows...

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    Google "lead glass" which is used to shield remote working cell windows. You can't afford it unless there is some on the surplus or salvage markets. It works for alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Neutrons just blast on thru.

    If you keep below the exterior ground line in the basement, you should be good to go against incident radiation of most flavors, unless you are in ground zero, or in the heat affected areas.
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    Sandbagging the windows if feasible will add mass that will reduce the amount of ionising radiation penetrating the building. YMMV depending on the material used for shielding...packaging foam peanuts are bulky, but won't stop much.
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    With a nuclear event; if you miss the immediate affects, the fall out etc; the prevailing wind pattern can get you.
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