What to do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent!

Discussion in 'Survival Articles' started by survivalmonkey, May 14, 2009.

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    I grew up in the "Duck & Cover" generation. After serving in the Navy at the height of the "cold war" I learned the best way to prepare for a nuclear explosion is to put your head between your knees and kiss your azz goodbye.
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    Local hospital is being dismantled and I hope to get some sheeting/shielding. Will use the smaller pieces for boolits. Another point--milk jugs are very poor long term containers. They are designed to deteriorate easily and quickly. Have quit using them because even in a cool dark basement they all fragmented. Soda bottles are fantastic. Get the storage crates so they can be stacked. Laundry jugs are excellent for grey water storage use.
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    After a nuclear weapons explosion 99% of the radiation that a person will be exposed to is Alpha radiation. The Beta/Gamma and Neutron radiation is gone within milliseconds of the blast. If a person does not experience any nausea or other symptoms within a week of the explosion they are for the most part out of any immediate danger. A piece of paper or even healthy skin protects a person against Alpha contamination. To prevent internal exposure to Alpha is paramount. Covered food that is washed clean will prevent any internal contamination from Alpha. If is can be peeled, peel it with a clean knife and wipe between peels. Common sense will allow for long term survival. I walked in the city of Nagasaki Japan 50 years after its encounter with a nuke and people were doing just fine. the half life of Alpha radiation is 1X10 to the 9th power or 1, 000,000,000 years so you will not out live it you have to outsmart it.
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    As you say, direct gamma and neutron radiation do not outlive the blast itself. Both alpha and beta will be in the environment carried by fallout, and will remain a problem for some few half lives of the activation products loosed in the blast. There will be some gamma given off by activated products as well, but there's nothing can be done about that and it probably isn't necessary. Also as you say, it is of paramount importance to keep alpha emitters outside your skin. And, of course, half life of any emitter depends on the isotope, not the emitted particle. Knowledge counts, yeppers, it sure does, and cleaning (washing is sufficient for most) foods is usually sufficient to get rid of particulate contamination that will be found in dust and dirt thrown up by the blast. (Says this overage ELT.)
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    Would anyone happen to know if it was a EOTWAWKI situation from the fallout would fish (if still alive) would be contaminated. Or say deer (again if still alive) could be contaminated by eating fallout dust on their forage? I'm curious because my current plan heavily relys on natural resources due to the fact that I live in a highly densely populated area I plan to high tail it after I deem the surrounding conditions safe enough to do so. I plan on using hunting foraging and fishing as my main source of food after I am able to leave the area.
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    Contamination will be a major issue with hunting & foraging if you are in a fallout zone....
    I would suggest you would want to diversify your food plan and have food stocks in your prep's. And treat that supply as your primary source, at least initially while the masses are killing each other over a loaf of bread. You also have to consider the fact that you will not be alone in the quest to find food... that deer population you are relying on, may be hit hard and fast when SHTF. Best to have a fall back resource that you can prepare now... vs relying on "hope" that you can scrounge up via foraging...ECT.
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    In a FallOut Zone, any animal that forages for food, on the Ground, will be eating contaminated Grasses, Leaves and Brush, until after the first few HEAVY Rain Storms. This may likely cause their flesh to be contaminated to some degree. Just how much I can't determine. fish should be generally Ok, as any contamination will be heavier than the Water they swim in, and their food sources
    are also in the same water.
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    Me Old MT
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    i am in the middle of cave country there is 400 caves with in 20 miles of me i know a few less than a mile from me i would go to my chosen cave the water would be clean
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    So far no one has mentioned the EMP that accommodates that nuclear blast.
    So if your building a shelter, include it as a faraday cage as well .
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