What to do with $1200?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wags_01, Jul 11, 2011.

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    ya missed the 4th "B" ... Bandaids.... (Medical supplies)
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    And missed this line from my original post:

    "4. Assume I am not sacrificing in other areas of my preps. This money is more or less separate from food/land/tools budgets."
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    Donate it to the Monkey? ;)
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    Well, I didn't get as much from the distribution as I had hoped, so my total is closer to $1260.

    On the upside, I'm buying a Mossberg 500 (18.5" barrel, comes with both pistol grip and full stock, sling & buttstock shell holder) as well as 250 rounds of 00 buckshot and ~40 assorted other rounds, mostly slugs. All for $350, no paperwork.

    So, let me total that up:
    $400 - M&P 9mm
    $105 - pistol lesson, box of ammo and cleaning kit
    $26 - 2 boxes of practice ammo
    $182 - 8 boxes of practice ammo, plus 3 boxes of 147gr Hydrashok
    $350 - Moss500, plus ~290 assorted rounds

    For a total of $1063. Throw in $100 more for some ammo cans I'm picking up tomorrow (got a line on a bunch for $6-8 each) and I'm just $100 off my limit.

    I went shooting with some family 2 weeks ago, and was informed that I could anticipate a shiny new Ruger MK II or III come December...
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    Wise choices!
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    +1 ^
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