What to do with that old 18v cordless drill??

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by goinpostal, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. goinpostal

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    Here is a two part DIY video for turning your old 18v cordless drill into a pretty cool wind turbine.The third vid is one of these hooked to a meter.
    Though one of these wouldnt power much as a stand alone power source,it would work pretty well for charging/maintaining a bank of deep cycle batteries.A couple of these would certainly pick up the slack on those grey windy days,or breezy nights when PV solar wont work.

    ‪pvc wind turbine out of drill 1‬‏ - YouTube

    ‪pvc wind turbine out of drill 2‬‏ - YouTube

    ‪Drill motor Turbine‬‏ - YouTube

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  2. jasonl6

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    Wonder how many amps of output it is. I have a few used drills around. Could always charge some of my spare tractor batteries even if it took a few days.

  3. goinpostal

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    You can also take the same 18v drill,with a crank handle chucked in,a posative,and negative wire hooked to the contacts,produce a steadt 14.4v@5amps.With just abit of elbow grease it will charge a low/dead car battery.
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  4. goinpostal

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    I have one set up like this with the batteries removed from the pack.The wires come out of a hole I put in the battery pack housing,and have gator clips to connect to a car battery.It now can serve double duty as both a vehicle battery charger,and a wired 12v operated drill.
    I've been thinking of making a bigger hole so I can install a 12v outlet.Then I can charge my cell phone,or laptop with it.
    I'll post pics of it when I get home off the road.
  5. ghrit

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    I would really, really like to see performance data on that scheme. Looks like a good idea.
  6. goinpostal

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    I'll be home this wknd,and if theres time I'll put a meter on it.There are youtube vids on the hand cranked version on a meter,as well.
  7. BTPost

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    Just to bring some perspective to this thread.
    14.4 Vdc * 5 Amps = 72 Watts
    And if you produced that for an hour, you would have 72 WattHours of energy. This about enough to bring a 50 AmpHour Garden Tractor Battery from 10% discharge, back to Float. So not really a lot. Would be good for Cellphones, Notebooks, and small electronic devices, but not for any larger energy uses, unless you live in constant Wind Country, and even then marginal.
  8. chelloveck

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    Giving a dead cordlessdrill a second life's still worthwhile

    Even that modest amount of energy harvesting may be a life saver in a SHTF / TEOTWAWKI scenario.

    The ability to recharge batteries for:

    LED torches,
    hand held radios,
    surveillance and early warning devices/systems,
    FM radio transceivers,
    cell 'phones,
    intercom systems,
    alarm systems,

    etc etc etc....cannot be underestimated. (Not that I am suggesting, Beast, that you have underestimated the potential importance, rather than that you are keeping things in realistic perspective....that a converted cordless drill is not going to power up all of a retreat's power needs...sorry...no electric blankets or electric popcorn makers)

    yes....there are efficient solar systems that can do a compatively similar job, but having an alternative source of power charging that will keep working at night (presuming that there is sufficient wind to push the blades) is a bonus that may be worthwhile having...particularly if the drill is not functional for its original purpose...no waste and much to gain.

    One thing that should be noted about this particular scheme, is that the movement and noise of the generator and fan assemblies may raise the signature of your survival retreat, perhaps making it more vulnerable to unwanted attention....on the basis of..."..if the farm has a wind charger....what goodies does that farm have that would require charging and may be worth plundering"?
  9. goinpostal

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    I have a battery charger that puts out 12v@1amp on trickle.It will charge an 835cca car battery from totally dead to float in 12hrs.
    That means with 12hrs of steady breeze,there shouldnt be any trouble keeping up with a bank of 6 batteries with frugal power usage.
    Set up two,or three of these,with a couple of Harbor freight PV solar kits,and a bank of batteries,and I think you could get by.
    No wind in your area.Fill a hot water bottle with helium.Attatch 700'ft of paracord to your now 6' balloon.Modify,and attatch three,or four aluminum fan blades to the paracord starting 10' below your balloon,and spread 6' apart.Take the other end of the paracord,and tie it securely to an eyebolt.Chuck the eyebolt into the drill,and clamp the drill to a piece of pipe that is cemented into the ground.Connect your dril to a charge controller thats hooked to your battery bank.Now float your balloon.This setup would spin 24/7/365days a year.Between 600',and 1,000' in altitude the wind always blows.
    This isnt the whole setup,but is to give one an idea on how it would work.
    I still havnt come up with a secure mount to keep the eye bolt chucked into the drill.
    I built a similar setup about 30yrs ago,but used a 24v genny head with an eyebolt welded to the shaft,instead of a cordless drill.It worked great,and I won a science fair with it,just before dropping out of high school.(I got a GED later)
    I wouldnt want someone to cause a plane to crash,or have the Feds at their door.
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