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  1. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    A point many do not (or like to) think about is how to get the deceased out of the shelter.
    Many shelters have small entries,and the last thing you want is that the (body)bag rips !
    You do have body bags don't you ? It also a eye opener of how YOU get in your shelter if your wounded ! or broken arm/leg . We humans have a tendency to forget to think on possible problems ,without becoming a doom thinker is it good the sit and think about possible problems.
    just my 2cts
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    Forget using this information to hide a crime there is nothing so futile as to try to hide a body science and nature will find this faster than chocolate cake at a woman's retreat, it may take a while but it will be found.

    Things to consider, dead weight is a real thing even a person who is dead drunk has some rigidity so you can pull them by their arms or pits, more important is moving the living, elderly or injured in a bed this same basic use of a sheet or blanket to slide a person up in a bed instead of pulling on their extremities and injuring the person more.
    the video explains the procedure for either living or dead. the cadaver then can be slid using the sheet or by attacking a block and tackle to get it up stairs. if they are trapped in a cave or such they need to be half hitched like a roast or end up as a wad in the bottom of a sack.

    [​IMG] 4:21

    Sentiment has no place in the speedy and well dug resting place and 6 foot is a practice because it works. the site of cremation a hundred yards is not too much residue will coat the area, burial needs to be as far as is reasonable the site needs to be marked so that after return to normalcy the person can be properly removed and planted in a proper location. Cremation is the best way to avoid disease transfer and what is left need to be collected and buried.
    There is a reason for a pyre, waist high and twice as wide of firmly stacked wood not leaves.

    other ways are allowing to freeze packing in quick lime, salt or dry sand as in a desert. any humidity will cause rot and stench.

    Depending on how long pulling on a limb it may detach or stretch like rubber and not move the body. slippage of skin and bursting so rolling in sheet tarp or whatever is best but that need to be buried or destroyed as well.

    The Bible explains of what can or cannot be kept or how to handle anything in the proximity of a body in Leviticus if I recall.
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    Remember, they aren't completely dead until they are re-registered as a Democrat and have voted in at least three elections post expiration.
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    When I need a Body (carcuss) to disappear... It stays disappeared, as in that @ 60 fathoms in King Crab country, there is really nothing left after about a week... Between the Crabs and Sand Fleas it is just GONE,,,, and way to deep to drag for, and to small to see on sonar...
  5. T. Riley

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    Put them in a body bag (or two large trash bags) and bind with cordage. Attach a rope anywhere you can and push and pull. Do it quickly after death. There are books on how to handle the dead post SHTF that are well worth reading just to have a basic knowledge of what needs to be done. I have considered having four graves dung at my BOL and filled in with pure sand. Where I live, digging in clay is a bitch and I don't want to do it in any weather. Off to a burial today; my 96 year old aunt, the last of her (the greatest) generation in my family. God rest her soul.

    Body bags here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XKXK9DG/?tag=survivalmonke-20
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    This is a really good thought. In a small shelter if you shove the body out the door, it shows other people your location. On the other hand if you make the body look like it died of an infection it might put off the looters.

    There is a reason burial in the ground is traditional in many cultures. Let the organisms do their job.
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    I made light of the subject above, but come SHTF expect a lot of bodies to deal with even if the situation is fairly short lived. Making sure that they are properly disposed of will go a long way towards minimizing disease and attracting predators or two legged threats. Good subject and you should have a plan in place before the fact.
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    That is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard I almost spit my gum.
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  9. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    @ ochit I wonder what made you say this " forget using this information to hide a crime" ?
    What information ? only say that people must think on how to do solve problems for situations the do not like to think about . Not one word on how to dispose of the body,only how to get it outside because as you stated its dead weight. I am sure you love my next 2cts "Euthanasia" or how to give a loved one a soft dead,not having to suffer maybe for days.
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    hey it was a liability notice insulating me from personal indemnity otherwise known as I'm not involved :whistle:
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    Hopefully you are living where the population density is low, but a quick estimate of my subdivision is about 200 people with another subdivision right next to it, so likely 300-400 people in the immediate area. Even a relatively minor SHTF occurrence would leave 40 bodies ranging all the way up to over 300 to deal with for something more lasting. I suggest you look up your area on google maps or other and do some quick estimating then roll around a 10-80% die off and where they would go for disposal that wouldn't cause disease as they decay. It's pretty sobering.
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    As long as law and order are in effect there is nothing you can do with a body that is legal except report it. or you can divorce it -- well she was still alive - sorta.

    I always tell people that I lost 110 pounds of ugly fat, then I spring it on them I got a divorce.
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    For some things, there is no substitute for a backhoe and a full fuel tank.
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    Lots of old abandoned wells around my area, that need filled in :) Hogs always need more protein and bones can easily be burned and ground into bone to fertilize the gardens. As far as getting the deceased out of the shelter, if they are not a fat body not too difficult, if they eat too many cheetos break out the saw and knife and get to work breaking down the carcass and taking it out one piece at a time. Not pleasant but I doubt anything post SHTF will be ;)
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    Depending on the severity of the SHTF situation, a person's "gotta do what he or she's gotta do" for the health and well-being of those remaining alive. As opined in earlier postings by fellow monkeys, it would behoove us to make good notes on the Who, What, When, Where, and maybe a Why, as to the particulars of disposed corpses for whenever lawful order is re-established.
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    My AO it would be the Hoggs. I've seen them "disappear" a 250 lb deer carcass in a couple hours. Hoofs all the way through to the antlers - just gone. I didn't follow them around to see what the, err, end result was, but I would bet there was very little identifiable remains. A discarded human corpus would be processed the same: teeth to toe nails. Gone.
    So that leaves the issue of getting the remains out of the shelter or cave. A tarp and fifty feet of line would do. As ochit observed - truss the package up like a roast.

    The "not pleasant" brings back my USGC days. Absolutely nothing pleasant about a body that's been in warm salt water for a few days. A hot humid summer will be similar...
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    I see you go for the small ones. Seems like I almost double that when I vacate. :ROFLMAO:
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    Have tractor and can dig and fill a 4' deep hole in less than 20 minutes.
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