What type of Suppressor?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I am in the market for a suppressor for one of my AR 15s. They do not allow short barrelled rifles in Alabama so I want to permanently mount one on a 10.5: barrelled AR and would like to be able to clean it once in a while. I would also be using a Ceiner .22 conversion kit through it. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    A.W.C., located in New River, Az., has just about every conceivable suppressor made.
    I know, I used to make their parts for them, then take them to the welder....until they went in-house some years back.
    They are an older firm, originally from Texas.
    They still make and distribute many suppressors to the U.S. and the Military.
    They even have a model from the Ruger 22/45 pistol, that is able to fire underwater, made specifically for the Special Forces and Navy Seals.
    They manufacture all the way from .22 calibers, to .50 BMG.
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    AWC is a good name. I would say to ask the dealer that you plan on buying it from, and what you are planning to do with it. If the dealer has been around for a while, he will know which cans are better and for what reason.

    My only suggestion would be to get a suppressor that you can open from the muzzle end. Most do nowadays, but you will have to blind pin not only the suppressor endcap to the barrel, but also the tube to the endcap to make up the distance. It isn't hard to blind pin, and it can be done in a few minutes if your machinist has the time.

    I had to do the same thing for my wife's UZI; I didn't want to wind up paying $400 for the whole package. So we just pinned it together (along with a permenant high-temp threadlocker) and silver soldiered the adapter to the barrel. I just paid $200 for one stamp tax.

    What you are doing should be easier than what I had to do; you shouldn't need an adapter (I had to go from MAC threads on the can to 1/2x28tpi on the barrel) and your can will most likely be made from steel or stainless steel. That means you should be able to silver soldier the suppressor endcap to the barrel, and blind pin the endcap to the tube. You would have to refinish the barrel to make it look nice, though.
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