What was going on September 2005?

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    This board was still in its first few months a bit slow but even though I only had joined three other boards 2 gun and one music I decided to join this one.

    Lots of good folks good info and no real ego driven disputes..

    Thanks to Melbo

    These are some of the other things going on in September of 2005...

    September 29: John G. Roberts, Jr. 17th Chief Justice of the United States.

    Other things in 2005.

    2005 in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Seems like it was just last week we were talking about all this stuff.... that damn clock is turning faster every day!!!! :cautious:
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    That was part of my lost years. I was raising 3 kids, working full time, running a household, being a taxi etc..... I was reading Little Quack not the Drudge report. Reading that list, it amazes me how much I missed of world events. Yet I wonder was that bad?
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    I always wondered what you did for a living. Huh, a taxi driver. :sleep:
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    In 2005 I was working.
    Thirty-five years before that, I was working.
    Ten years after that, I was working.
    This is really really getting old and so am I.
    'Bout time for a change.
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    I was 2 years into my reign as a lineman by 2005. [afro]
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    Oh, and did I mention that tomorrow through Friday, I'll be working?
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    In 2005 I got "downsized" - along with about 25% of the corp employee - all so the CEO could pocket millions in "bonuses" and stock options..

    Best thing ever happened to me - started working gigs after that. Contract work is less stable, but has a lot less in the way of office politics.
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