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    Well I was in town today and was taking some lunch down to my son at his work and was walking by the local museum when I seen this skiff I seen it a hundred times and have always stopped to look at it well today there was a sign and a picture on it the picture is a picture of a cousin of mine and the story of who it was built by is my uncle Mack Bishop some one I have always looked up to he is gone now but he still here in our town

    There are many stories about my uncle Mack he was a net Fisher man after he got out of the army he ran a skiff with 500 yards of net that was made out of cotton by hand when he would get done fishing for the day he would gather his net off the skiff and put on his shoulder and carryed it home back then they had net lines to dry there nets but people would steal the nets so uncle Mack would take his home to dry and bring it back the next day 500 yards of wet net is heavy KIMG1244_01.JPG KIMG1246_02.JPG KIMG1245_02.JPG
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    Great story. People forget the folks used to work for a living, not sit at a desk and write phone apps so other folks could sit and turn on their house lights from the other side of the country. Respect....
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    Thank you for posting. Great story of your uncle and how hard folks used to work. My grand dad Crum built every building on their farm in upper Wis. Milked 35 cows by hand until he could save for a self contained milking machine. Tooka few more years to get 2 of them. And he milked by hand in between setting up the milkers on the other 2 cows.
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    No shit! Why work when the government will supply you with everything you need for free?
    Sorry for the short rant and the moderate takeoff from your comment. It's a pet peeve.
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