what your thought's on a custom glock pistol

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by hank2222, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. hank2222

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    My friend and i where looking over his custom Salient Arm's International glock pistol with alot of custom modication's to the pistol ..The major mod that i like was the grip reduction to the 1911 grip style on the pistol it was like handling a high cap 1911 pistol

    So what are your thoughts on a custom glock pistol
  2. STANGF150

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    I think ROBAR does those kinda custom work to Glocks too. I like my box stock Glock 36. I think if you like the Glock platform, same as if you like the 1911 platform, then nothing wrong with tweaking it more to your tastes.
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  3. gunbunny

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    If you buy a Glock, it's yours to do with as you please; but I've never understood the need to butcher and brutally destroy a fine Glock with a soldering iron.

    If you want a single stack carry pistol, I'd recommend a Kahr- it is basically a single stack Glock. Kahr Arms - A leader in technology and innovation Yes it has a long trigger pull, but it is rather light and consistant, feels and hits better than a stock Glock.

    If you want a smaller grip on your Glock, try one of the Glock SF- short frame. They are thinner front to back on the grip by 1/8". One of my GLock 21's is a SF, and I like it. Barely noticable, but easier to wrap your hands around with a more solid feel to it.

    If you want a 1911 style grip, I'd look into one of the CCF Raceframes frame with the 1911 inserts- it will give you the best of both worlds: CCF RaceFrames® :: Index You can build yourself a custom glock with one of these frames and parts from Lone Wolf: Lone Wolf Distributors - Main Page

    If you only want ONE pistol, you might as well build it from the frame up into exactly the pistol you need.
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  4. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about LoneWolf. Unfortunately They don't have barrels for my G36, at least not last time I looked.
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  5. hank2222

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    I did carry a Bone Stock Glock M22 .40.cal with basic night sight's & Houge rubber grip on the pistol and was allowed to have a weapon light to be run on it as my duty weapon and that was all the modication's i could do to the pistol .

    I still shot ok with it but i hated the darn thing because of the basic fact we where not allowed to do anything to the grip or trigger pull ..

    Now after shooting his and handling the pistol it make's me wonder if i was a little short sighted on the glock pistol that all ..His pistol compared to the stock model i have from my retirement it like night & day when it compares to the same pistol ..

    After shooting both pistol side by side my old duty pistol is like driveing the family car with four bald tires and shooting his pistol is like driving a fine tuned caddy that can handle the road with a set of tires etc .You get my meaning on the feel and how they shoot in a side by side shooting drill's
  6. fedorthedog

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    One of the officer I work with has a custom Colt. Nice gun but it does not like to eat anything that is not top end factory ammo. Not great for an end times gun. Sometimes custom is cool but can create a set of problems. I like basic as designed combat weapons with little to no modifications. Add on's are OK because you can take them off.
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  7. E.L.

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    I have had two Glocks that had the Robar treatment, out of the two the 19 shot better. But in the end they are Glocks, not 1911's or XD's and I was not S comfortable with them so I sold them.
  8. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    As Glocks are very popular; I got to shoot quite a few and learned they just aren't a fit for me.
  9. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    I'm a 1911 man. Steel rules. Glocks don't like handloads.
  10. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    I feel a lot of Glock hate around here. [nono]

    Anything made by the hands of Man is prone to failure. The 1911 is no exception.
  11. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Also if you are looking for a smaller grip Glock has prodced a Glock slim line 45 ACP. I think it holds 6 or 7 rounds I looked at one the other day not a bad feel.
  12. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    Alpha, thats a Glock 36 in .45acp. I have one, Its not that slim LoL
    stock 6 round mag, with a Pearce +1 Grip Extension is a 7 rd mag. Can't use the mags for the Bigger Glock 45s either, only Glock 36 Mags accepted.
  13. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    That was the reason I didnt jump on the one I looked at I have a Glock 21 with extra mags and wanted one I could have used the full size mags in if needed.
  14. hank2222

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    His is a full sized 34 tactical model as they call the model and he did not cut the grip down to take the small 19 model mags..

    To me after fireing the socalled stock model and the model that had the grip mods and few other thing's done to it a big diff in the way it handle and shot in my hand's compared to the socalled stock grip ..

    The grip mod and changing out of the sight's and doing some basic trigger work on the trigger & fewother thing's to the pistol was the only mod's that he really did to the pistol ..

    The stock grip of a glock pistol in my hand's allways felt like i was gripping a chunk of wood compared to my 1911 pistol ..But his is like my 1911 pistol grip and i feels alot better in my hand's and with my RA it might be the weapon i need to look into haveing once i get older and start haveing problems trying to move the thumb safety off when my RA act's up .

    So right now i'm checking my option's out about maybe adding another pistol to the socalled list as a back up to the 1911 pistol ..
  15. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I have no hate for the Glocks, they are great pistols, but they just don't fit me as well as an XD or a 1911. Just personal preference.
  16. vgodenwa

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    Grip reductions - yes!
    NY1 with 3.5# - yes!
    Good sights - yes!
    Most other.....not so much.
  17. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    I THINK its a Glock 30 thats the Compact regular doublestack .45acp. It'll use the mags from the fullsized .45acp Glock.
  18. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    I'd be wary of a "tweaked" Glock. Be sure that the mods are proven reliable. The Glock already is, anything done after that should be viewed cautiously. Mostly in terms of springs (weight), internal part changes, or non-factory add ons.

    I checked their website. They sure look great.
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  19. hank2222

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    Here is the basic reason why i looked the socalled Tweaked glock I have RA in my right hand and i know that some where down the line it going to act up to a point where i can not handle a 1911 pistol thumb safety .So when that happen's i going to have to look at something else as a basic self defense pistol..

    So with that beening said my good friend who is on the police dept here in Phx was telling me about his tweaked glock and how much better it shot compared to a bone stock glock ..

    His mod's where in the following areas and if i buy a glock pistol those same mods he did to the pistol i will probably do to the pistol because of his pistol fitting me very well

    -grip reduction to the 1911 style grip
    -polished the trigger system and reduce it socalled gitty pull of the trigger
    -enhanced control's for the pistol in the way of better shaped slide lock for a faster release of the slide after loading
    -change out the sight's to night's sight's of his choseing
    -change out the springs through out the pistol to Wolff's springs for better perfomce & because of running a weapon light as a home defense pistol the stock springs on the model would have feed issuse sometimes with the weapon light on the pistol ..So all spring's through out the pistol where changed out

    That was it on the pistol andThe slide was left basically alone ..He just had some basic iprovement's on the pistol done to make it fit him better in the long run .He to has RA in his hand's and he like me is finding the problem is sometime movement of a simple thumb safety can be a major problem when the RA is acting up

    Plus give that fact in a life and death moment i do not want to have to worry about something simple as a thumb safety beening the way of me beening able to defend my self againest a attacker
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