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    Name brands, this is in reference to something I posted before. I caught alot of flak in a recent post about buck knivies. Yes! That was my opinion about the brand, but it got me thinking. What is in a name. In the old days a family name meant something. These days it is all about money. Use to be, if you were old fashion it was a complement. Today it is an insult almost. With that said, here are some brands (most gun companies making knives) oddly enough that sold their name.

    Winchester rifle - sold there brand name to a new knife maker. Winchester knives are not made by the rifle maker. I use to like there knife, but honest their cheaply made.

    Smith & Wesson - another gun maker sold their name to a new knife maker, and it has nothing to do with the gun maker.

    Schrade knives (now taylor brand) - who made some really great knives closed their doors in 2003. Their now taylor brand and are propably the better of the three.

    So what is in a name, do you know of any brands that are not what they seem. A rose by any other word would smell as sweet - william shakespere.
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    Well in the words of my uncle Mack Bishop
    You come into this world with your name and your word if your word is no go neither is your name.
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    Love Winchester ammo and the older rifles, the knives and other Winchester branded china merch at wally world not at all.

    Skip ahead to 2:25
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    Sorry you caught flak for stating your opinion. I would like to think that we would be able to disagree on something like that without it being personal. Oh well, freedom of speech means we can say what we think and others can aggressively disagree. It works both ways.

    I find that the most thin skinned will really come out and slam you. And when you respond, they get their feelings butt hurt. Funny how that seems to be. And the most thick skinned will let you lay it on, without losing his/her smile... until you cross the line. Then someone gets physically butt hurt.

    Keep on speaking your mind, @timberwolf50. Not everyone has to agree. But often times, there is a kernel of information in there that is valuable. And even though the forum is public, if it is valuable to one person, I say it was worth it. So long as it didn't hurt anyone in the process. And I don't mean their feelings. You can't help that part.
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    @timberwolf50 meh! people can be idiots. Some of them form opinions and then never consider any other information that might alter that opinion. You just keep posting good info. It beats the doomsayers on here that just post opinions without fact or without considering what was said.

    When a company stops making quality product and continues to try and sell based on their good name, its a deal breaker for me. Same with people and their reputations. Your reputation is only as good as your word and your word is only as good as the last promise you kept.
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    And names are important. We adopted a stray kitten many years ago. Or she adopted us. Not sure which. I know I posted this story before.

    Anyway, came home from a date night with the wifee and when I parked my car, we heard a sound coming from hers. It was a little baby kitten. She did not want to come out from under there and it took me 30 minutes to coax her out. All of her was about the size of my wife's hand. And she was filthy.

    So we took her home and cleaned her up. That was when we all discovered she hates baths and will for her whole life. Took pictures and made a lost kitty flyer and posted them up and go food for her. Wifee named her Saturn since we found her under her Saturn.

    We didn't know what to do with her over night. So we put her in an old bird cage for the night. She cried all night. Cried all of the second night. I renamed her Jing, which means calm, quiet and peaceful. It can also mean essence. But I wanted quiet. After renaming her, she never cried again.

    And when no one claimed her, we adopted her, got kitty litter, and set her free at night in the house. She would always want to snuggle up with me in bed and would get jealous of wifee. Our dog was not allowed on the bed and I saw his WTF look every time Jing jumped on. One of my fondest memories of the two of them was when Jing was a few months old, she was already a great hunter. She would slink around a corner and just when the dog was about to round the corner, she would pounce. Perfect timing. She would land on his face. And he would make the surprised scooby doo sound. To his credit, he never tolerated her.

    Here she is at a few months old, I think. RIP Jing.

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    I know the OP is banned now, but a thing on "name brands" I deal in knives at a flea market, new and used. A lot of "name brands" like the ones listed went out of business in the 80's, any gun name that isn't glock is made in the same factory in china from Taylor Made, Winchester, S&W, Remington. Even Glock is china or Taiwan. Schrade(how owns/ed old timer), Uncle Henry, and many other classics are all taylor made as well. Some of the current good knife makers also make china, Gerber, Buck, Kabar, SOG, Cold Steel, Kershaw, etc... Many still have warranties on them as well and are considered "high end china". But a good name knife is a good knife, but is it always needed is a question you have to answer yourself, I only carry benchmade, except for a kershaw emerson CQB with wave opening, that I got last week. It is a trial run to see if I like the wave open, it's made in China but I did it for testing. I have modded several other knives now for people to wave open. I believe a good knife by a good maker is worth the investment. I don't want my $20 Chinamart breaking at a crucial moment. My $100+ benchmades have been through hell. I've had one since 2000 that has been in the desert and all over the world, used and abused so much that the plain part of the blade is sharpened above the serations, but it still gets the job done like it did day one. I am also big fan of SEKI Japan made knives like my SOG Seal pup which is my goto for camping, though that is about to change as I'm not digging drop points for wood work.
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    About 1966 or so dad bought me a 30/30 Winchester rifle , the greatest disappointment in fire arms I had ever owned I could throw the gun more accurately than it shot and the shells were jamming in the lever constantly and that after not even a full box of ammo.
    for years I would not even consider a lever gun till I got a Rossi .357 mag Puma. I was so impressed with that I got a .454 Puma and It is still dependable and accurate too.
    But you couldn't give me a Winchester, if you did I'd trade it off asap.
    Funny thing in dad's junk I found a Winchester ax head , not sure what I want to do with it.
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    I've had a Puma that patterned like a shotgun. Sometimes, you just get a bad gun.
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    Apparently that year they decided to stamp some parts, and several of those guns had problems that year.
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    I have a poignard Legion, it is a cut down M1917 bayonet issued to FFL troopers, I picked it up in SE Asia. I wish it could talk. Typical military it is a knife to a crow bar.

    The site is in French; however it has a picture of the variants.
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. What happens is, a big name company,(Winchester, Smith and Wesson, Harley Davidson and countless others), sell the use of their NAME to other manufactures without checking out the QUALITY of said manufactures products. Just because a Chevy Corvette is a good car; doesn't necessarily mean a Knife with that name is a quality product.
    You're better off sticking with big name knife makers known for quality products,(ESEE, BECKER, BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, TOPS KNIVES, MORA, COLD STEEL and on and on). But you must remember as a rule of thumb, especially with knives "you get what you pay for". One of the few exceptions is MORA; where you get way more than you pay for. You also need to be aware that there are a lot of junk counterfeits out there; so only buy from reputable dealers.
    I hope my reply was useful.
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